How to Prepare and Crack MLAT-Modern Languages Admissions Test

Modern Languages Admissions Test

Certain undergraduate courses in the United Kingdom require applicants to sit for the Modern Languages Admissions Test (MLAT). The University of Oxford designs the test. It is administered by the Admissions Testing Service. MLAT is divided into three papers: 


i.    Language Aptitude Test - this is for those candidates who want to learn a new language. This test requires the candidates to analyse a language. The administrators want to see the potential of the candidates, as to how quickly they learn a new language.

ii.    Linguistics Aptitude Test - this is for those candidates who wish to pursue a linguistic oriented course or program. The section looks at the candidate's ability to examine linguistic data. It also looks at how the candidates conclude to the particular answer.

iii.    Modern Language Admissions Tests-this is for those candidates who are already into the A-level. The candidates' grammatical knowledge is tested.

The test is made up of ten sections for various language and linguistics courses. The registration form for MLAT is available in the month of September. Candidates applying for the following courses: Single Modern Language Course; Joint Modern Language Course; Modern Languages and Linguistics; Classics and Modern Languages; English and Modern Languages; European and Middle Eastern Languages; History and Modern Languages; Philosophy and Modern Languages; Psychology and Linguistics; and Philosophy and Linguistics. Interested candidates need to register for the test.Overall, MLAT checks the candidate's ability and passion for learning new and foreign languages. The test is challenging and not difficult.

It's a Challenge for Students

Many students don't like the idea of exams. They find it a waste of time. Moreover, they don't have much time to prepare because of poor time management! They find it overwhelming. Learning itself is full of exams. Students argue that if they are to prepare for tests all the time, then when are they supposed to learn? Nearly every program requires students to sit for one or the other test. Some students are able to make it through, and some are not as they have part-time jobs, sports clubs and volunteering services to be part of. But, there are some organizations such as that help students prepare for MLAT and similar kind of exams. Students can prepare for it alongside their high school exams. Then once, they finish off with high school they can sit for the admissions tests. Moreover, students don't need to worry as the tests are part of the admissions and selection process. They should keep their options open as to what subject or programs they want to further their knowledge in.

Tips to Crack MLAT

All tests require students to do their bit. This is in the terms of proper time management and planning.  Students can prepare and make it through MLAT by following the outline tips and tricks:

•    Making up the mind - if you know that you have a test to sit, better start preparing for it. Don't leave it for the last minute as nothing is achievable in the last two to three hours. Students should start immediately.

•    Have sample or mock papers handy - Nowadays you can easily find a sample and mock papers. You can either visit the respective university's library or download it from the internet.

•    Format and Syllabus - skimp through the papers to have a look at the format. Ask for the syllabus from the admissions department. Or talk to the admissions testing service and see if you have to follow specific criteria.

•    Practice - go through the questions and attempt it. It's best to use a clock or timer to see how much time you spend on a particular question.

•    Focus - By paying attention and staying on the path, a lot can be achieved. The same is with tests. Students can only prepare for exams by staying focused.

•    Balance -  Do everything at the right time proportionately. Take breaks, go for walks, have a proper diet, stay in touch with family and friends. Don't lock yourself up in a room as it deprives you of energy, fresh air and communication.

•    Study Plan - Strategy and organisation help make the work productive. The same is for studies and exams. Every student should plan out their work to get the most out of it. In this way, they will only gain.

Students should follow their regular exam preparation strategy to prepare for MLAT. They can go through mock papers, study in groups or go for tuitions to crack the test. It is not difficult at all.

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