Thinking about-what does television mean to me

Thinking about, what does television mean to me? 

Tremendous amount of audio-visual information is transmitted from the broadcasters to the viewers through television. In television viewing activity, the idea of communication dissolves because it lacks the viewer’s ability to respond to the messages. This may create inertia resulting into psychological imbalance.

The messages on television could be - how watching a reality show will stimulate my curiosity to the core? Or how using a particular shampoo increases the strength of my hair?

I can very easily live without these messages and programs. I will conclude that I am losing out on more important things by spending my time watching television. This conclusion will remove the guilt or deprived feeling of not having a television.

What will I do without television?  

1. Be with Nature

We are the fruits of nature hence it is only natural that we can enjoy our time amidst natural surroundings. There are many activities such as Bird-watching, Trekking, Photography that will make my time productive. 

2. Work on my Health

Television watching brings our mind to an idle stage where we continue receiving information subconsciously. I will start jogging regularly in a green park or may be even on a riverside pathway. This activity will keep me active and also enhance the consciousness inside me.

3. Get Spiritual

I will get plenty of time to meditate and look back on things that I could have done differently. The pondering over the “I” inside me will lead me towards the path of growth. I will come to realize the infinite potential that is “Me”! 

4. Spend quality time with Friends and Family

A lot of time can be spent with friends and family by involving them into Games, Weekend Getaway’s, Long Drives and may be just Chat over a cup of Coffee. 

Doing the above things as an expression of my existence makes more sense to me rather than dedicating my time to a television program made up of fictional characters. All said and done, the television remote control is in our hands and we can switch it off by choice. It is important to understand that technology is a means to an end and not the end by itself!

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