How to be Okay with Failing your Way to Success

How to be Okay with Failing your Way to Success

The secret behind every success is a failure. It's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Failure and success are part of the same package. Both complement each other. Failure is meant to be celebrated. It is a stepping stone towards victory. We should learn from our mistakes and turn it around. Failure makes the path difficult and challenging. But nothing is impossible. The world's greatest leaders, businesspeople and intellectuals have experienced failure, and they turned it into success. We have to learn fail and rise. It is part of the growing and learning process. It makes us better individuals. Everyone has experienced failure in one way or the other. Some have risen from it while some have cried and lamented over it. Learning from it is the best thing that anyone can ever do. It is better to fail your way to success than stride because it's more interesting. There are so many positive elements attached to failure:

•    Learn - failure is the greatest teacher that we will ever find. It even shows us the good in people; who send us in the most difficult times; and who leave. Failure and success are two sides of the same coin. You can't always be tasting success; sometimes failure is what we need to see things from a new perspective. By learning from it, you will make others aware and will not repeat the same mistakes again. You will take a new direction, a new road. You can make safer choices and decisions.

•    Positivity -it's an on-going process, and it doesn't mean that you lose positivity. Negativity won't get you anywhere. Apart from making you feel worse and stressed out, there's nothing in it. On the other hand, positivity gives ideas. You can think of what and how things went wrong; make a short note of things which led to its downfall, and make a counter-plan rise from it. With positivity and optimism, you can get through.

•    Test your potential - when you are testing your potential, failure and success don't mean anything. You are looking at possibilities, good and bad; whether you will be able to do it or not. Nothing is impossible. Everything is conceivable. It just requires time, patience and resources.

•    Walking - take a break; go back into time when you were learning to walk. Your legs and feet were wobbly. You fell head over heels great many time but that didn't deter you from rising on your legs again. You tried again and again; and yet you fell. You got cuts and bruises, but you didn't give up. You were determined. At that age, when you are not able to talk properly, just a handful of words and syllables, you showed zeal to balance on your feet. And today, you are walking effortlessly. You failed and succeeded.

•    No one is perfect - life is a growing and learning process. Interestingly, we never stop growing and learning. And most importantly, we are not perfect. If we were flawless, someone among our kind would have discovered immortality by now! Mankind wouldn't die. They would have been eternal. But it's nothing like this. We are not perfect.

•    Nothing comes easy - if we could easily accomplish whatever we wanted, live would become annoying. We would become lazy and tired because we have everything. Difficulty and challenges bring about the excitement in life. It livens up the life, personality and work.

•    Bring about change - failure gives us an opportunity to change our ways, tactics and techniques. We can innovate what we had been doing and utilise it in a new way altogether. Failure helps us in trying new methods and pushes us in a new direction.

Failure is not the end. It's a new beginning; a golden opportunity to do things in an improved and better way. We get to learn from our mistakes and move on. With renewed determination and hard work, we can scale mountains. It opens up new opportunities and directions. There's not one but numerous ways to success. But the best one is to learn through failures. It makes us better persons. It makes us humble and down-to-earth. Failure makes us realise that success isn't everything. Failure and success is a wholesome package. Everyone should taste both of it. It's a learning and motivational experience. Falling and rising are life. We have been doing so since our birth. It's nothing to be scared or ashamed . In fact, we should be proud of it.

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