How to Flourish with Ethical Business Practice?

1729_ethics.jpgEthics concern an individual's moral judgements about right and wrong. These Decisions are taken within an organisation may be made by individuals or groups, but whoever takes these decision are highly influenced by the culture of the company. Behave ethically is the highly complicated decision among all moral one; employees may decide what they think is the right course of action according to welfare of society. It is rejecting the route that would lead to the biggest short-term profit.

Ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibility provides significant welfares to a business. For example, they may:

• It can attract customers to the firm's products leading to  sales and profits
• It make employees want to stay with the business, reduce labour turnover as well as increase productivity
• It enables  more employees wanting to work for the business, reduce recruitment costs and enable the company to get the most talented employees to work with itself 
• It helps in attracting more investors and keep the company's share price high that helps in protecting the business from takeover.

Unethical behaviour or a lack of corporate social responsibility while conducting business, in comparison, may injury a firm's reputation and may turn appealing to stakeholders. Profits and sales could fall as a result.

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 As In a perfect world, businesses and their employees would always do the correct thing. But unfortunately, in the real world, ethical dilemmas are a common occurrence in the workplace in the mind of people. We see Each company's culture is different from other , but few companies focus on  profits and results above all else. In such kind of environments, management may get blind eye to ethical viewpoints if a worker produces results, given the firm's mentality of "the end justifies the means. In such condition Whistle-blowers may come forward to preserve the ethical benchmark of their company. Therefore, ethical dilemmas may arise when people feel worried to do immoral things to please their bosses or not picking the co-workers’ or superiors' bad behaviours if they confront it.

Individual workers may be under financial pressure or simply hunger for recognition. If they can't get the rewards they seek through accepted channels.Though diversity is an important part of business, some people may not be comfortable with people from different backgrounds and possibly be reluctant to treat them as they deserve to be. This discrimination can be unethical but illegal and still remains common.

An ethical dilemma is a difficult situation that leads to apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives. This includes ethics, integrity, compromise and corruption have to become as significant as other critical areas of law enforcement training if significant changes can occur during course of period. It is also called an ethical paradox since in moral philosophy, paradox often plays important role in ethical issues.

Some Issues can cause ethical dilemmas for workers within their own companies, doing business with other firms can also present opportunities for breaches. There is lot of Pressure to get the very best deal  from another business can cause some workers to negotiate in bad faith or lie to get a discount. The Negotiators may also try to bribe their way to a good deal and earn money in faster ways. Though it is illegal in the U.S., but it can be still sometimes happens; in other nations, it is more common, and sometimes even expected, which can put negotiators in a difficult position.

We often hear about corporate scandals, lawsuits, and corruption today that it's easy to assume most companies bend the rules to their profits. There are many  businesses that are giving back to the community of nation  through volunteer work for society, promoting ethical business standards, and being transparent about their corporate practices. They set themselves as an Example for the other establishing companies to run business of their own insist of earning faster money.

It includes Ensuring that employees understand the company's corporate values is attained by the statement of 'Our Business Principles' which makes clear the behaviour it seeks from staffs.This is an effort to honour those companies that are leading their industries in compliance, corporate governance, and social responsibility, this essay salutes the World's Most Ethical Companies.

Thousands of companies from around the globe are viewed who are having huge turn over but very few has set Ethical standards. The scale that measures these companies are: ethics and compliance programs; reputation, leadership, and innovation; governance; corporate citizenship and responsibility; and culture of ethics. The examples of highly ethical companies  around the world are:-


• Accenture, Business services, USA
• Dell Inc. computer hardware ,USA
• eBay Inc. Retail, USA
• Ford Motor Company ,Automotive, USA
• Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Consumer products manufacturing, Germany
• IHCC (International Hospitals Construction Company) Saudi Arabia Construction, Saudi Arabia
• Iberdrola, S.A. Spain Energy and utilities: electric, Spain
• SingTel, Telecommunications services, Singapore




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