Does a business need a CPM and PERT explain

Does a business need a CPM and PERT explain?

Increasing possessions in the world in different business mood and manufacturing business should be effective and efficient; therefore, manufacturing industry is needed effective and efficient techniques in business planning, scheduling, monitoring, controlling and measurement of performance in business. It is a combination of different activities and task in project. Project management body of knowledge has introduced various techniques in projects and business industry for managing activities and tasks. Project management techniques CPM and PERT are used in different projects and business, how a businessman and project manager can manage the project activities and tasks in a new project.

Critical Path Method (CPM)

Critical Path Method and PERT are conventional strongly associated explore operations techniques that help the project manager in which maintenance project manager will carry out their activities. Surrounded by their activities, scheduling is a one of the most important part of any project throughout shutdown and carrying of project. These techniques CPM and PERT are used in different projects R&D new products and services, Construction projects, Design and installation of management system, Design and computer systems. Program Evaluation and Review Technique and Critical Path Method are introduced in private sector that helps the managers how they can achieve the goals and targets in projects.CPM is a controlling tool that the help managers in completion of project.

As we know that every projects use resources as a material, personnel, time and money in projects and business and these resources should be use in elegantly technique.Criticle Path Method deliver a method to project manager to find out that which tasks are critical (Zero slack time) and which tasks are overdue and how much time required for completion.CPM and PERT is a constructive tool for project planning, scheduling and controlling. CPM provides a critical path as series of activities that make sure the time period of project and it is sequence of tasks should be completed on time.

CPM diagram helps the managers that project must be completed and CPM is divided lager projects into smaller activities, separate responsibilities and provide road map.CPM set the arrangement that breaks the numerous tasks. Demonstrate in a flow chart.CPM calculate the projects time periods based on estimated time for each assignment that recognize tasks that are critical ,time -wise in completion the projects.CPM helps the managers in a organization that they create a planned schedule to lead the project team and they tracking the project performance by comparing actual with planned task progress.

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

PERT is a numerical management controling tool that evaluates the rationality of plans and schedules, feasibility of completing tasks in fiction through deadline period. This system gives detailed information to facilitate for better planning and controlling of time and cost in development and operational projects. PERT is characterized as a series of principles, methods and techniques for business planning that is interrelated with different objectives, business activities and interconnecting variables of time duration ,scheduling ,resources ,procedures and replanning of development programs. PERT is an organized system that provides detail information of a project manager which is find out those gaps in projects and gives a clear, to the point information to the project manager and staff members those are involved in projects directly.

 PERT asses the plan of the project, examine and calculate the completion of project work. A PERT graph intends to interlinked actives of nodes to compose comprehensible dependencies among tasks. PERT on the second hand, in projects that have changeable responsibilities and activities such as in research and development projects. It develops three estimates of the duration to complete the project. The most credible, the most capable and the most critical.

A PERT chart provides detailed illustration which is representing events or milestones in the project. Planning, scheduling, organizing and controlling are considered to be fundamental managerial task. There are a technical benefits and CPM/PERT provide a focal point which managers can recommend and place their opinion together. PERT chart is a good communication standard through thinker and planners can communicate their ideas. It is a power tool for assess the performance of individuals and teams. Finishing a project within time and budget is a difficult task for managers because project planning and scheduling play a essential role in forecasting mutually time and cost segment of a project.

PERT is a logical diagram and flow chart which identifies the interlinking activities, relationship with each other activities, interdependences and step by step activities for achieving stated objectives in projects.

CPM and PERT is a powerful management tool that helps the projects managers  how they plan, schedule ,monitor and control the project activities and tasks in projects .CPM is a excel form that interrelated with activities, interdependencies and actions.CPM/PERT is provide a systematic way that provide detailed information .the program is success for the support of the staff.CPM and PERT is gives correct information related to project to the manager that what is the gaps in projects and how remove the gaps in project.

CPM and PERT techniques are used in mostly construction projects because a manager follows these techniques for planning, scheduling monitoring and controlling of activities and tasks. All the other paths are developed through the network are called slacks. A manager believes on the Critical path and loose time and results are most important part calculation in PERT. The path is sequential according to time starting longest to shortest and activities on the CPM are evaluated to conclude feasible time decrease and activities can be performed.

A project manager and planner is developed these project management techniques for achieving better results and measure of performance in projects. A manager in a construction projects adopted CPM and PERT techniques because activities are interrelated in, planning, scheduling, monitoring and controlling of projects.CPM and PERT provide information about time and cost to the manager. PERT is a broader education operations function that is approved by the educators.CPM and PERT is a most important aspect for business.

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