A Conservative Case for Climate Action

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Article Referred to: A Conservative Case for Climate Action


The articles extensively discusses the issue of climate change and how important it is to decrease carbon footprint all across the United States of America (USA). President of the United States, Barrack Obama recurrentlycautioned of the real dangers of global warming, but while doing so he did not sign any evocative domestic law to deal with the problem. He left a grab bag of guidelinesintended at decreasing carbon emissions. They were called Climate Action Plan.

On the other hand, the newly elected president, Trump is sure abouteradicating the Climate Action Plan, an across-the-board set of strategiesintended at cutting carbon pollution, comprisingmany of President Barack Obama's executive arrangements. Trump also assures to eradicate the Waters of the United States rule, an officialtext that outlines which water bodies come under the authority of federal watchdogs under the Clean Water Act.


Understanding what the article says, in my view it refers to the larger issue of climate change and how detrimental it can prove to be for mankind in the future. I feel a policy should be created to fulfil certain criterion-decrease carbon productions, put a fence to regulatory interruption, indorsemonetarydevelopment, aid working-class Americans and demonstrateto be hard-wearing when the governmental winds show signs of change.

In my view, an ideal policy which would be applicable to all countries of the globe needs to be created. A good policy can include two things at least. First, the governments of countries would levy a progressively increasing excise on carbon dioxide discharges. Companies releasing carbon di oxide must be taxed. Secondly, the proceeds should be reimbursed to the people through making and implementing developmental policies.

'Modernsurveys show that 64 percent of Americans are worried about climate change, 71 percent want America to be a part of the Paris agreement, and an even greatersegmentapproval clean and new forms of energy (Pachauri RK, 1996)

This leads to my estimation on how climate change is a real thing. Climate change is the topic of how weather arrangementsalter over time.

Climate change happens because of both, natural and human effects. It is slowly eating away not just flora and fauna but also the health of humans across the globe. Global warming is a gigantic environmental and social subject all over the world which needssocietalconsciousness to a great level. People should be aware of its significance, reasons, impacts and solutions to resolve it instantaneously. People should come together and attempt to resolve it in order to protectnatural life on the earth. Rise in the levels of carbon dioxide is the result ofusage of fossil fuels like coal, deforestation by the human beings for their need and greed on Earth. Declining number of plants on the earth upturns the carbon dioxide levels, as plants are the central source of the using up of carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings.

Aggregatedheights of Earth's temperature creates lots of glitches like sea level rises, the atmosphere becomes hotter, glaciers start to melt, rampant floods become common, loss of life due to lack of food, which further leads to diseases and eventually death, etc. (Pachauri RK, 1996)

A recent example of rising water levels and disturbances in the weather can be seen in the California Dam crisis wherein, that aging dam has also became a grave danger. There has been severe flooding due to drastic changes in the rain patterns of the region. It is a consequence of Global warming.

The rise in temperature has led to ice caps melting away. As the temperature goes up, the ice at the North Pole melts. Which directly impacts the sea levels because the melting glaciers become a part of the oceans. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center "if the all the ice melted someday, the seas would go up to about 230 feet". Low lying areas like Netherlands will completely submerge in water and get destroyed as a result of global warming and climate change.

Another impact of climate change is the loss of habitat for species which robs them of their natural habitat eventually bringing them to extinction.

Now there are solutions to if not stopping, then at least averting the ill effects of global warming. Nonetheless we humans and the world's governments have to move frontward to appliance of the global warming elucidations. To cut down global warming, we can definitely do enough to decrease the involvement of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, the solutions using which climate change can be prevented are cutting down the use of gasoline, electricity and natural fuels and rather switch to a greener, cleaner way of running the world.  Overall in this assignment, I have come to the understanding that our earth is getting "sick" and we humans mustdo our bit to "heal" it.

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