The Power of the Social Media Button

The Power of the Social Media Button

If you go through some websites, you will notice various colourful buttons on the sides or at the bottom of the page with social media site logos. These are called social media buttons. They may be of various styles, shapes and sizes. When clicked, the buttons director navigate the user to the organisation's respective social media site be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Social media is the latest platform for marketing and advertisements. You can find thousands of companies, irrespective of their size on such online platforms. Social media makes the company, product and service global. If the company is based in France, social media has people from every corner of the world, be it Australia of Tahiti, talking about it. People can share, like and comment on articles and videos they find interesting. They even recommend it to their friends to have a look. It catches on and soon hundreds or people are going through a certain post. It then becomes viral. Social media buttons increase the traffic or number of views. It engages people. The more attractive the button, the more chances of users clicking them! Social media managers or agencies know that the clicks leave an impact. They are able to see which site is often visited and which site has the most visitors and which the least. Through this, they can plan and strategize the growth of the company.

It May Seem Hectic

The buttons may seem hectic and confusing, but it's powerful. It directs the traffic; users from one page or site to the other. It gets users to notice the products and services through articles, posts and videos. This is a marketing gimmick. With social media, every company gets a plus point. They get to interact directly with the clients. They can expand their outreach and audience. All they have to do is to make their content and videos unique, appealing and exciting. They have to get people to notice. When people notice, they leave behind comments and likes; and some even share it on other platforms. This is good for business. Website developers are also keeping up with times. They know what the companies want, social media buttons. And they have got a whole variety of them. Some have easy add-on buttons. Some website designers have even shared the codes or social button generators to make it easier for the coders. Companies can also have the buttons customised as per their needs and wants.

Leave an Impact

Social media buttons do leave an impact. It promotes the company and makes the layout and design appealing. The buttons are a no-cost advertising. Companies don't have to pay for it. It's more of a hyperlink in a button format. When users click on it, they are directed to a new site or page. Social media buttons are powerful and efficient for advertising. It gets more users to see the website and increases the rank. But the main thing is content. As the saying goes, content is the king in social media. It has to be attractive and unique to be noticed. The headlines and titles have to be catchy. Sometimes business goes to the extent of having such headlines or titles that don't match with the body of the content at all. This is cheating in a way because users feel that their time got wasted! Companies can hire the services of social media managers and content writers to sort this out. Content writers know how to get the company on top. They make use of keywords and search engine optimisation. They also do a bit of research to get the work done well. Companies have to work in collaboration with their website designers for active social media buttons. They have to look from the users' perspective. Too many buttons and links on a page is a deterrent. It blocks or hinders the content and turns away users. Companies will notice a drop in the number of users or traffic. Itis not a good sign as it affects the business negatively. Instead of reaching out to the people, the buttons are turning them away! Website designers should know how many buttons to use and where it should be placed. Some websites have it on the side of the page, while place it at the bottom. The buttons have to be attractive so that users click it. Companies should monitor the usage. The buttons are not for decoration purposes

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