Should Engineers Pay Less for College Than English Majors

Should Engineers Pay Less for College Than English Majors?

'Education can be both boon and bane - In all the conditions it must be worthy.'

In recent times we have noticed different changes when it has come to the education system and their relativity with then modern society. One of those admired/unadmired changes has come in the form of fee structure of different education fields. It won't be a surprise if you get to know that there are there are now government proposal on various ground factors in making up the fee structures of various major fields. For instance, the proposal has been made that the major fields which are highly in demand in the country and has large number of job openings offered by different multinational and national companies operating in the country must have low fee structure as they will tend to attract more students to opt for the fields that can help them to grab the jobs easily offered by these companies and can subsequently help the economy of the country to grow and cutting down the employment rate in the country than the majors who are likely to get the jobs to the students easily mainly due to the nature of their low occupational growth availability .

For instance, people opting for the technical majors like engineering, science, math and technology are likely to pay less fee for their college degree than compare to the students who opt for the fields like English, history, arts, etc.

The lawmakers are taking this proposal quite seriously taking the current scenario in fact, the experts in the higher authorities also believe that it is more advisable for a college to charge less fee for the major which promotes high scales of job opportunity as soon as the students come out of the college than the major like art and English which have limited scope and takes years to generate wealth after the college major. It has just been a draft proposal, but if the scenario remains the same and law is being pronounced taking the proposal seriously, the outcomes may change things drastically. The students in spite of the key factors of their interests in fields like art, history, English, etc. will be subjected to pressure by their family and society to pursue technical degrees as they have a higher tendency for the job than their interest li9ne.

The other major reason why the government is inclined towards making this change is due to the fact that the higher rate of job opportunities available after the college and its relation to the low fee structure, will tend to attract many students from overseas to come to the country and pay or the tuition and get their enrollment in the country's college, which subsequently would also increase their market cap in the education sector.

In all this situation, there comes upon an important question - whether engineers should pay less for college majors than English majors? It is out of the question that an education system which promotes a major field indirectly by lowering the cost than the other field is bound to attract a lot of students without any hassle. This decision may be prove to be an advantages to a lot of students, one of the major things that makes a student stuck in pursuing the course he/she wants is the fact that the fee structure of college is so high that regardless of any high-interest families are not able to pay for the major degrees. If at any point of time the fee structure of the technological fields are lowered by the college, than the major turn-ups of the admission would go high, which will definitely help many families to stabilize socially and financially with the fact that their children will be able to get jobs right after the college, and they can help their family. The another advantage attached with the low fee structure is that it will increase the interest rate of the student by motivation them to take an interest in the field of science and technology, it will also help the government to have higher pools of engineers and scientists in the country and this can lead to further advancement of the society.

On the other side of the picture, it can't be denied that if there are differences in the fees of the majors due to the economic job friendly reasons, it will be highly unfair for the students who wants to pursue English or arts as their major. It will decline their interest due to the unfair act of the college, and we may lose breed of good artists and scholars.

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