Effects of Abortion on Pregnancies-Paper

Abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy which is done intentionally so it does not result in the birth of a baby (Harms, 2014). This process may be necessary because of the following reasons; a health risk of a mother, chances of the child having an abnormality and personal circumstances including the well-being of the existing children (Abortion Act, 1967).

According to Dr.GeethaVenkat of Harley Street Fertility Clinic as quoted in Mother& Baby website "if one has had a problem with abortion, one may face difficulties getting pregnant or retaining the pregnancy".

Abortion if not carried out well it may cause serious effects to the life of an individual both physically and emotionally. Abortion may lead to the damage of the uterine lining; then it may affect the uterus's ability to hold the pregnancy (American Pregnancy Association, 2006).

Harms (2014), identifies vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy as another effect of abortion, this may further lead to low self-esteem as one may feel uncomfortable associating with others as they may fear stigma.

The low birth weight which is a condition where a baby is born weighing less than 2500 grams. The effects of abortion are interrelated, if the uterine wall is not strong enough to hold the pregnancy, it will lead to premature birth which is a primary cause of low birth weight.

In conclusion, as much as abortion is necessary for saving one's life either of a mother or the baby it's important that extreme precaution is taken to minimize these effects. Therefore abortion should not be done unless it is necessary.


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