Confused? Strengthen Your Weaknesses or Invest in Your Natural Talents

Where Would You Put Your Energy and Attention?

a. Would you spend your time worrying about areas where you are weakest?

b. Would you invest a lot of time and energy trying to "fix" yourself or "enhance" that part of yourself?


a. Would you spend time looking for ways you are naturally talented and gifted?

b. Would you invest your time looking for ways that you can be YOU and get paid for that?

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Consider Process of Getting Hired to Perform Job:

When someone thinks about hiring you, they are not looking for someone who will be able to muddle through also do an okay job of it. They are searching for person who will perform in a way which gets job done as effectively as well as efficiently as possible.

"!!Decision to hire you isn't a big jump from there!!"

So long as I have been working with people in process of transitioning to a new career, I have all the time focused on helping people identify their natural talents and figure out most engaging and fulfilling way to use those talents in their work.

Benefits of this approach ripple-out into numerous aspects of your life.

Your Personal Meaning, Fulfilment and Well Being:

Imagine heading off to work each morning and what you do day and day out is something you can do, but it only uses ¼ or a ½ of who you really are.

1) Are you feeling satisfied? I think not.
2) Are you feeling energized? I doubt it.
3) Are you feeling fulfilled? Nope.

Now imagine heading off to work each morning doing something you absolutely love to do, where work you do taps into your gifts and passions.

1) Do you feel satisfied? I'll bet you do.

2) Do you feel energized? Entirely, your work feeds you.

3) You feel fulfilled? Yep.

Impact of these two scenarios doesn't just affect your happiness or satisfaction. They can also have a considerable impact on your relationships, your physical health in addition to your energy level.

Your Comfort, Ease and Effectiveness:

As you think of your natural way of being, don't just look at your skills and strengths. It's also important to consider how you are wired when it comes to your work style and personal style.

If you disregard or minimize impacts your physical environment, company culture and general vibe of company have on your physical and psychological well being, there will most likely come a day when you just can't stand it anymore.

Imagine about it this way. If you're a round peg stuffed into a square hole, you can force fit yourself into situation, but in all honestly you feel uncomfortable all the time. Nothing feels so easy. You have to effort your way through all day.

Talk about draining:

At present let's turn tables. What if you honour your natural way of being as you select kind of organization you want to work in? What if you take into account kind of work culture that allows you to feel supported and effective? What if you consider your preferences for location where you like to work?

Believe of all energy you can put toward doing your work along with excelling in your career if you aren't constantly fighting your work environment, culture and location!

I encourage you to look at your own natural work style, work environment desires and social patterns to think about kind of institute where you will flourish.

Example from a current Client Conversation:

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Just last week I had a coaching session with one of my Trailblazer clients. It is one year into building an innovative business and he has now worked with adequate clients to see that assured aspects of his business are working well moreover other aspects leave a bit to be desired.

As we assessed details of his assessment of his business it became clear that it was time to re-imagine what was possible. As started conversation we did two things:

1. Rather than get all mired in details of what wasn't working, hadn't worked and wasn't going to work, we focused on his natural style and passions.

2. We also released all other perceived rules and guidelines that he'd been using to shape his business. This was an important step because we had tried in past to crack through some of issues before.

Afterwards with a clear as well as expanded focus, we started brainstorming innovative ideas for reaching out to prospective clients moreover expanded his list of income streams. Unexpectedly, list-out of ten innovative ideas to implement that flow naturally from his talents, style and passions. It was easy to see he resonated with ideas because they felt like an extension of who he is at his core.

Bottom Line:

Pay attention to your own natural way of being also make career decisions as well as life decisions which align with how you function. If something feels hard, heavy, or a struggle, look at your situation creatively to see if there's another way to address issue.

In addition, find ways to increase activities, situations and opportunities that feel easy and light. While you are functioning in a way which suits who you are? You will observe that you get far better results; gain more attention moreover make a better impression.

Would you like to identify your natural talents with passions?

1) Are you looking for your path forward?

2) Are you searching for a clear vision of work you are meant to do?

3) Are you trying to figure out what graduate program to apply to?

I also know how frustrating it is when you desire to change but you do not see a clear path to your next career. By not expressive your direction as well as what steps to take, you lose the chance to connect with valuable contacts. Additionally you miss-powerful ways to become engaged in your own target industry.

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