Written Reflection-Enquiry-Based Learning

Written Reflection -  Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL)

I have acquired a lot in this semester, especially in the process of Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL). This process of learning has enabled me get more involved in academics by asking decisive questions and doing personal research. The approach has helped me gain experience using new techniques of learning during my semester at the University. I understood through Enquiry Based Learning the art of self-reliance, independence, and the ability to recognize and work out problems. In this manner, I managed to focus independently on my studies. I was also able to investigate and research on various topics in my class work, and come up with questions to my tutor for clarification.

This method of study has opened up my mind to learn new topics and improved my critical thinking in analysing of information. It has enabled me to understand class work without difficulty, as I was able to study ahead of the tutor while visiting the Learning Development Centre. The Enquiry-based learning also enabled me to collaborate with fellow students in research groups. This practice made it possible for me to build a strong understanding of topics before sitting with fellow students, in group discussions. I often directed questions to my colleagues and this has opened my mind to different responses and solutions to a problem. I have learned the art of personal study and thorough research on various topics before attending group discussions or class lessons. In my future study methods, I hope to incorporate this strategy especially while preparing for exams.

I gained a lot of insight using the Enquiry-Based Learning and reaped many benefits from this strategy. This is because I understood the need for extensive research from books, library, internet, and other information sources. Through EBL, I realised the art of research and formulation of research topics in all my subjects including psychology and human anatomy. I have developed a deeper understanding about all my subjects, which has made me feel confident when studying. I was able to tackle complex topics and developed leadership skills in my group discussions throughout the semester.

I am more enthusiastic about learning and engaging in schoolwork because this method of study is relevant to my interests. This method encourages flexibility in my studies because I can organise my study patterns. In this way, my time for studying is planned efficiently and I do not strain to cover the curriculum. I have realised my strengths and weaknesses unlike in the past when I had no study strategy. Most of my topics are now familiar because I have covered most of the research materials within this semester.

I have however been faced by a couple of challenges in the course of the semester. Some of the challenges I faced with Enquiry-Based Learning is the fact that some topics were more complex to understand. I did not make out which study sources to choose from various subjects I was taking. I had to study more and spend many instances trying to get the solution to some problems. This process of learning relies completely on my skills and understanding of various topics therefore, I have had problems basing information without experiences. I also faced difficulties in my research methods because most of the topics required precise and specific information, which was hard to pinpoint. I had to organise information in order to suit the techniques applied in class work so that it was easier to prepare for exams. I found it difficult when trying to select specific topics that were addressed in the final exams.

My reactions towards the learning method are fulfilling. I feel that Enquiry-Based Learning is crucial in the learning process of any student. This is because as a student, I engaged in this study method and conducted extensive research. This method of study created a deeper understanding and motivation to participate in schoolwork. The strategy has improved my communication and I will always use it to plan my studies. I think that EBL will work appropriately if it was incorporated together with the traditional method of study. This is because; it enables tutors to share their understanding and experience on relevant topics with students. On the other hand, students conduct enough research for all subjects whether they have been studied in class or not. I have no doubt that proper implementation and student-tutor combined efforts will go a long way in building understanding even on complex topics.

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