What is the role of a Teacher in Student’s Life

Schools are one of the first places where kid's behaviour and future educational achievement is form. Teachers are carriers of either positive or negative behaviour toward students. The motivation why the first years of school are so critical is as kids learn the base of their educational life. Teachers should love their career in sequence for them to pass enthusiasm, to assists and to offer a warm environment to the students. Teachers are the second mothers for the students because students spend lots of time with their teachers.

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At the equivalent time, a real teacher becomes through many years of training and experiences in field. The similar way, mothers are not born being great mothers but as their experiences with their kids enlarge they become experts on the field. We know that mothers look the best for their kids and one of their goals is to raise their kids so they can become pioneers and professionals for the society. Some of the mother's role toward kids is to give them love, care, respect, lead, instruct and to try to form a safe and enjoyable environment at their homes. Are these attitudes of the mothers toward their kids linked to what the role of the teacher should be with the students in the classroom? If not, what must be the role of the teachers then?

A teacher is someone who becomes through many years of training and experiences in the field. I have not found a teacher who is an expert the first day of their profession. It is urgent for everyone who is a teacher or is setting up to become one to get prepare in the field the best they can. All teachers who get prepare would know how to set up rules in the classroom. Those kinds of teachers will probably have fewer problems in their classroom since they will be able to control the classroom.

There are all types of teachers some are better than others. They did not get involve with the students. Those teachers did not show any concern about what the students were feeling. One way for a teacher to get students involve in the classroom is to ask them questions. It is very important that teachers encourage students because students will advantage from it.

A teacher carries a huge responsibility in her classroom. One reason is that all students depend on her or him. Everything the teacher says will have an impact on students. If the teacher feels joy of feels anger, it would be spread among children because the attitudes of teacher gets contagious. If the teacher laughs, students also laugh, why? Since teachers are responsible for the social behaviour in the classroom. If something goes wrong only responsible is the teacher though it was not their foul.

The teacher should create a warm and protective environment other than at the same time professional. If students feel secure in the classroom the result will be exposed in the academic progress. A good star might be a mutual trust with each student. Teaches have the responsibility to know his/her students in classroom. Every day, the teachers show one of their attitudes that the students are ignorant.

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The students do the same in order for the teacher to get to know them, also. This is a good exercise to do since it benefits the whole class to break the ice. The first days most of the students are frightened of the teacher as they do not know how the teacher's personality is. It will change till the point that teacher and students find out to have common hobbies with each other.

From time to time, teacher's caring attitudes could have a long positive or negative influence on students. Student's self-esteem could be lift up because it might create ambitions in their minds for future academic success. As Mike Rose explains in "Lives in Boundaries" that an educator should be an open mind person that must respect the students diversity and give love and caring attitudes toward students. One of the roles that a teacher carries is to give confidence to students in the issues that bother them about school in their personal life. It could make a big difference in the student's life if he or she is lift up to keep going and to not let anything put us down. Psychologically, students might be affected if they have problems with their teachers. One of the results can be that students would avoid going to school. As professional teachers, we do not want any disagreement with the students.

Sometimes, behaviour of students demonstrates that something is not going right. So, teachers must pay attention to any suspicious sings that could bother the student. As teacher is our responsibility to find what is going on with the students in the classroom. Kids deep in their hearts feel that teachers may well help them but sometimes they are afraid to ask teacher. The students prefer to talk to their friends about their problems and sometimes teachers are the last person to find about the problem. Sometimes is the teacher's foul that students do not seek his or her help since sometimes the teachers do not form a bound of communication. The teachers should let students know how she feels while students do not trust her maybe it would help students to change their minds about telling teacher his/her problem.

As teachers, one fine way to do this is to look back in our school years and remembered what we went throughout while we were students. We will understand that most of the kids have problems with their teachers. Consequently, teacher's priority should only be the benefit of the student's feelings.

Frequently, there is a discussion about if a teacher must be a role model for students. Teachers are respect by society as they are view as knowledgeable about different subjects of school. All teachers have the key to give a good environment for the students. The benefits of having a pleasing environment are for the teacher and students. However before that happens a teacher needs to be well prepared in order that students receive the best treat. It is necessary and crucial for teachers to be prepared because the first years of school are very important for the students. The future education achievement of the students depends on their first years. Consequently, contact of the students with the teacher is an everyday act. Although there will be some days in which students would have impropriate but other days where there will not be a problem at all. As humans, sometimes teachers do things that are not right though we always have another chance to do it better. In conclusion, teachers need to show respect, caring, become role models, make a nice environment, treat students right, instructs them but not be totalitarian, and guides them through the road of success. The only who gets the benefits are the students and sometimes it might be a negative or positive.

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