What Happens on Internet in a Minute

At the present everyone is socially linked; every minute of every day we are uploading photos, downloading music, streaming movies, sharing videos, emailing, blogging and our social activity is endless. Cyber threats are rife, we are constantly hearing about malware attacks, password-stealing botnets, cyber criminals etc. Since it is all becoming so easy for attackers to infect devices and steal highly confidential data and potentially destroy an entire organisation's reputation in the short space of time.

The future growth of internet activity is incredible but is without doubt showing no signs of slowing. So what does that mean for the network security? It would be near impossible to monitor all the traffic traversing the network with traditional security solutions, although Palo Alto Networks re-invented the core technology of network security and introduced their Next-Generation Security Platform to give complete visibility and control over all applications, users and content on the network at all times throughout unique technologies- App-ID, User-ID and Content-ID.


The folks at Intel produced the graphic above, just another demonstration of the staggering growth of the internet. The world now is moving at a faster pace than ever. In every single minute, millions of activities are occurring at the rollicking pace over the internet. The fast-growing internet technology and digital has made it possible for an all year-long development to occur within a few minutes or even seconds. According to the newest the latest Global Internet Statistics more than 37.3 percent of the world is online for a variety of purposes.


There are some of the high points of that internet minute-

>> Over 639,800 GB of global IP data transfer takes place in every single internet minute. About 47,000 app downloads occur every single minute.

>> Around 2 million search queries are sent to Google in one internet minute and about 1.3 million video views and 30 hours of video uploading takes place every 60 seconds.

>> Six new Wikipedia articles are published every single internet minute, over and above 204 million e-mails are sent in same duration.

>> In one internet minute (60 seconds), about 1,300 new mobile users are added. Near about 135 Botnet infections are identified and close to 20 new web users are victimized by identity theft in an only internet minute.

Fast-growing expertise has covered the way for a vast number of processes; terabytes of data transmissions, billions of searches, millions of videos uploads and image viewing possible. People are increasingly using social media because of better internet connectivity in a majority of geographic locations. All main networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine have a combined user-base of near to 2 billion. All this was achievable due to fast growing internet and its world-wide penetration.

>> About 277,000 Facebook logins and about 6 million Facebook views go on in one internet minute.

>> Close to 100,000 new tweets are posted on micro-blogging sites and about 320+ new Twitter accounts are produced in a single internet minute.

>> Almost 100+ new LinkedIn accounts are created in one internet minute. On the whole user-base of LinkedIn is estimated to be around 259 million and growing.

>> About 3,000 photos upload and 20 million photo views occur on Flickr platform in one internet minute. The total number of networked devices is equivalent to the global population of 7+ billion. Nowadays, the number of networked devices equals the global population. By 2015 that number would be double the global population.

In 2015 it would take 5 years to view all video crossing IP networks each second.

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