What are the consequences of using Ecstacy everyday for a month

What are the consequences of using Ecstacy everyday for a month:

Esctacy information states that popularly Esctacy known as "E" or "X" is actually MDMA(4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) which is an entactogenic drug of phenethylamine and amphetamine class of drugs. They are extensively used by people as an antidepressant because the consumption of the drug brings down the level of anxiety in an individual and relaxes him. People who have been known to consume Esctacy have been supplementing the intake with large amounts of LSD, alcohol and/or amphetamine which are other widely used natural antidepressants. Studies show that a very large bulk of habitual, weekend ecstasy consumers are also daily or near daily users of cannabis, regarded as a natural antidepressant which helps them deal with their mood swings. As per the information on Ecstasy its use is banned in countries under a UN agreement and its use, sale or manufacture may result in criminal prosecution but then several marketing gimmicks are practiced to make it available to the consumers. According to the information about Ecstasy Parties are promote and are advertised as alcohol free parties. These parties are billed as "Techno Music" or Electro-Rock. An upside down "e" made to look like a "G" are slight markings used to indicate Ecstasy.  "Donut User" a code that could be found on the T-shirts is a code for Ecstasy

 The effects of Ecstasy on the human brain and body are complex. They include several neurochemical changes and psychoactive results. The subjective effects of Ecstasy which are pronounced and last for about 4 hours include strong sense of inner peace and self acceptance, reduced aggression ,diminished fear and insecurity, extreme mood lift induces euphoria, develops a strong feeling of love, and intimacy towards others, it also diminishes pain and therefore acts as an Analgesic and intensifies bodily senses. Other short terms effects of Ecstasy include a marked increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, Pupil dilation and blurred vision, Insomnia and loss of appetite.

However a prolonged use and an overdose of Ecstasy can be fatal. Death follows a clinical condition called Hyperthermia in which the body temperature shoots up to as much as 106 °C and all the major organs of the body stop functioning. Continued intake of Ecstasy also leads to Hyponatermia which is characterized by low blood sodium levels as a result of drinking too much water. In order to avoid dehydration people suffer with water intoxication and therefore consume water excessively which causes dilution of the blood that can cause swelling of the brain. Hyponatremia leads to convulsions and Hyperthermia leads to rhabdomyolysis (toxic muscle breakdown).Other physiological ailments include damage of the liver, a cardiovascular collapse failure, kidney failure, excessive wear of teeth and causing several dental problems. Chronic use of Ecstasy has also been followed by long lasting spells of acute depression and hypertension which are commonly called"Black Tuesday" or "Suicide Tuesday."The drug has also been known to cause significant brain impairment with development of holes in the brain. It also causes apoptosis( programmed cell death)

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