Violence in respect to Religion, Race, Ethnicity

Violence in respect to Religion, Race, Ethnicity

The Article discusses about the cultural differences that exist in United States and the critical incidents that take place in the name of religion. It throws light on two cultures that are Native Americans and African Americans. Even though these two communities exist in the same country; they still have cultural conflicts amongst each other. The first section of the essay briefly talks about the origin of the two communities in the country, followed by the explanation of the violent activities that take place in the country by these groups and against these groups that hampers the peace in the country.

Native Americans: The community of Native Americans is compared to the life of tribes in terms of their living style but they differ in terms of clothing, language etc. but there was a change in the living standard and lifestyle of the Native Americans when they were being noticed by the white community and were accepted as a part of their group. This is clear from the fact that there is no mention of Native Americans before the western conquest in the history of United States.

Native Americans possess a quality of being very loyal to their customs and traditions (i.e. tradition to dance), that they are continuously following in the present age also. Their love for the customs and tradition were seen in the year 2004 when the community passed on their values to the entire America by occupying 30 Native American radio stations in United States.

African Americans: There is no relation of Black community in United States and the African culture in Africa. The blacks in USA are independent of African culture as these people are born and brought up in Unite States. Blacks are well known for their music and literature and the music and literature developed by this community is their own hard work that made them famous worldwide with the name of African-American music (Soul, funk, blues, gospel, jazz, R.N.B), and literature (with authors as James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou). The Black Community do not posses ancestral qualities of music rather they have created their own culture that is rich and diversified in nature. Even then these people are never considered pure Americans, because they posses one thing that can be called ancestral; colour. And the colour is the soul originator of all the racial violence in the country (Forbes, Jack, 1993).

Increased Violence against native and black communities:

In the year 1619, the first African was brought to Virginia. These Africans were treated as unpaid servants by the Englishmen and used to capture them for years and years. Gradually after few years this practice got transformed into race-based slavery. English people on their own will use to release and replace black and native people. Since these practices went for so long, that it gave the black community a social status of being Slaves to the English people. The practice went on increasing as all the communities in that age started hiring non-Christian people as slaves that were natives and blacks. There were reportedly 25000 slaves (blend of both natives and blacks in American community, which was around 10% of the total population at that time. The condition of these people was so bad that they could be freely sold.

Over the years, the population of natives and black increased immensely and started to react against English people and the slavery ended gradually but the anger and hatred against these communities are still visible in the country. The current statistics have shown that the black homicide victims were majorly male i.e. 85% and especially in the age group 17-29. And the violence against Native Americans began due to the immigration of Europeans. This changed the native women's status, who were once considered as the leader.
Even at present, despite of the fact that first African-American President was being elected and has been one of the most successful president, the crime cases against the communities are still the most frequent. In the year 2007, the hate crimes against these communities were reported at 35% of the total crime 7624.

Increased Violence by native and black communities:

In the age of 15 to 24 years, violence is considered as the major source of destructing the young minds. FBI surveyed the country in the year 1989 and resulted that 21,500 people died because of homicide that is approximately 8.7% per 100,000 populations and in the young generation that is the age stated above it is as high as 21.9 % per 100,000. The total rate of homicides in young male was registered at 4% which 73 times of the rate of any other country or nation. Deadly weapons and guns were made use of in the cases of homicides in United States. The most deadly and dangerous cities in United States are Washington D.C. , Baltimore, Detroit, Jacksonville and Dallas and these are also named as LETHAL cities of the country (Harrell, Erika, 2007).
If we go back to the times of African and native slavery, by the year 1830 both the groups freed themselves from the slavery of Englishmen and over 319,000 free blacks existed in United Sates, out of which 150,000 were living in the northern states.

Since the racial discrimination still continued by the fact that no blacks and natives were permitted or were mistreated in the White Business and their communities. To reciprocate this insult, blacks and natives established their own groups and communities against the Whites. The base for these communities was black doctors, lawyers and businessmen. Now, the natives and blacks joined hands because both went under slavery, and now they started fighting against the White establishments. This is how the cases of violence increased rapidly in the country. They even started burning the crosses and the churches, and killing people brutally and announced a conflict on the national level.

It has been verified and proven that there has been no one strategy formulated to control the level of violence against and by Native American and African American communities. It has been demonstrated by the social scientist in the country that racial discrimination, social isolation, consumption of drug and alcohol, violence through media etc. are the major contributors of increased violence, aggression, and uncontrollable panicking behavior. The social and the physical scientists suggest that programs should be developed to control this behavior and penalized. The government should have a team completely involved into controlling and monitoring such situations among the two communities as the cases of violence in these communities seems to be unstoppable. To control the violence being created in the country it is very important for the government to group up with these scientists for effective results because these scientists have the ability to study the mindset of these people and can suggest various effective programs to control it.

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