Thesis Writing a Big challenge for a student in Academic Curriculum

Thesis Writing a Big challenge for a student in Academic Curriculum

A thesis  can be defines as a  document that is submitted by a student  for acquiring  academic degree . In this context, a student has to prepare a detailed documentation of the selected topic on which he has to do a lot of literature review and also research work sometimes needed for some subjects.

The future of the student will be decided by a good and well produced thesis in his Academic Curriculum, as it depicts student's abilities and strengths and capabilities.

Thesis with good quality and work will be used as a reference book by the future students.

So, producing a thesis by students is not an easy task but involves a lot of hard work.


  • Have to do a lot of literature review
  • Should acquire the knowledge about topic of the thesis to be produced.
  • More than one proposals should be prepared from which one is selected for final implementation
  • Have a whole idea of the project with a flow chart of the process.
  • Flow charts prepared to reach the required destination and to get an accurate result .
  • Should include related discussions with the experienced and related experts ,if required .
  • Should know how to start, where to start and what is to be worked on to produce a good thesis, follow steps designed in flow chart.
  • Do research work if necessary by experimentation, observations and conclusions.
  • Having these ideas, should prepare an abstract or synopsis of the thesis.
  • Being approved, should start a detailed description of the project.
  • A questionnaire is to be prepared which answers should be prepared with proofs and good references
  • And lastly it is checked for quality and the put in papers for submission. 

Some of the difficulties that every student will come across while doing work on thesis in their academic curriculum are

1. After deciding the topic for the thesis, they may not find books which give right information for literature review .

2. After literature review ,the ideas of the project shouldbe put in  proper order to avoid complexity of work which induces confusion in the work

3. Complex ideas need to be sorted with plain work to avoid confusion ,for which a student must review number of related books ,accept expert suggestions through repeated discussions , which give solutions and exact idea of work which in turn reduces the risk of time .

4. So many sample thesis are to be studied and for good ideas and knowledge where time is the main factor which affects students by back logging in their work .

5. By putting their work in paper arises so many doubts and creates confusion

6. Students should manage time for the regular work and the thesis work .

7. The ideas should be implemented with good supported literature background to confirm and affirm the work that is being done, if not the work will never be produced with quality.

8. Thesis with fake matter and with no quality submitted on time is mere waste which brings no good for ones curriculum.

9. Formatting is another criteria where student fails .well formatted and well produced thesis values for ones curriculum .

10.  Along with the activities of studying and struggling on with the regular work in the academic year ,students may find it difficult and pressure to spare time for thesis work , which consumes a lot of time and hard work .Most of the students couldn't be able to concentrate  either on their regular studies or on their thesis work with full concentration ,due to which they loose their self-confidence and depress .


  • Acquire good knowledge about the topic of thesis by reading number of related books, literature review.
  • Deciding and preparing the objectives of the work
  • Analysing objectives of the work is to be done
  • Preparing a base for the work to be produced by orderly planning the steps to be implemented
  • Producing an abstract of thesis for approval
  • Detailed documentation of the work done is to be done with all the required references and with good formatting work
  • Producing thesis with good objective ,informative with detailed documentation of work with related and exact references ,

With probable working experimentation, useful observations and with accurate results and conclusions.

  • Thesis with good scope in future will have to be produced.

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