Study Tips for GRE-Graduate Record Examination

GRE-Graduate Record Examination is the exam which every young student aspires to get through. It is created and conducted by Educational Testing service, and the score of GRE is considered for admission in most of the graduate colleges in the US. The exam has three sections; verbal section, a quantitative section, and analytic writing section. The students have the option to choose to give GRE either on the computer or on paper. The GRE lets the student to decide which score they want to send to their preferred school. The student can give GRE five times and can submit any highest score to the school of his choice for admission. The GRE is the only admissions test for graduate or any business school that allows the students to skip questions within a section, go back and change answers, and have control to tackle the questions within a section they want to answer first.

To understand GRE, we need to have the knowledge about the mentioned sections.

Details of three parts are:

Analytic writing section- The first part of analytic writing consists of a paragraph on any general issue; the student is expected to address the topic and present his point of view nicely with the help of examples. This part has to be done in the time span of 45 minutes.The second part of this section provides with an essay in which the student has to read and then critique an argument. The student is not expected to write for or against the argument. The student just has to analyze the argument and comment about the same. The time given to complete the second part is 30 minutes. This section can be attempted either on computer or paper.

Verbal section- This section primarily tests the understanding power of the student. It has comprehensions which students has to read in depth to answer the questions. This section also comprises of sentences, antonyms and analogies. The students can sometimes be required to complete the comprehensions or draw conclusions from the comprehension or sentences.

Quantitative section- This section contains the high school level maths and the quantitative reasoning. Though this section may seem comparatively easy, the main competition here is of speed. The computer- based test has 28 questions to be completed in 45 minutes and on the paper -based test has two 30 questions based segments to be finalised in 30 minutes each.

The GRE test is conducted at more 1000 centres in more than 160 countries. The computer- based test is available throughout the year in many countries. In countries where computer- based test is not available, the paper-based test is conducted three times a year in October, November and February.

The GRE is perceived as a hard nut to crack among students, but with lots of hard work and focus it can easily be cracked. Below are the study tips for GRE.

Study Tips for GRE:

The first tip for any exam; be it a GRE or any other exam is that the early preparations give the student the sufficient time. The sufficient time does not imply only the time for studying but also the time to have in- depth knowledge of the course structure, the colleges and to enquire about the previous papers.

After preparing for the different sections, the time must be allotted for practising sample test papers. Whenever scientist performs any experiment, they keep the conditions i.e. temperature, humidity same for all the number of times the experiment is done, so that the results does not get affected. In a similar way, while giving the sample paper, the student should keep all the factors same as the real exam so that he can clear picture of the preparation. The sample test paper is available at the site of ETS, which provides two free computer based exam via their software Power Prep II.

We know the different sections of GRE; we will now look into the common mistakes made in thesis parts

•    In verbal section the student should read comprehensions and sentences very carefully and patiently because reading in a hurry could lead to wrong conclusion thereby affecting all the answers related to comprehension.

•    In quantitative section, the options placed are very near to each other so the student must take care while choosing the right one.

•    In the analytic part, while writing an essay, the spellings mistakes should be taken care off along with the right sentence formation; as this could lead to the change in the overall meaning of the sentence.

To sail through the pool of GRE, the student should learn the time management so that he can separate the easy and tough questions and then proceed.

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