Some recommendations on how to mask writing effective

A good piece of writing is one which is clear and free from ambiguity. It is qualified by the fact that every idea in the essay is written down from one after the other and so it is easy for the reader to form sequences and get the hold on what is written.


Topic sentence:

This is the most important sentence in the paragraph.

A good praragrph is one which satisfies the four elements of writing namely clarity, simplicity coherency and is free from errors. 

How to write a good paragraph?

Normally ideas for writing a paragraph come out of brain storming ideas.  This is generally  done so that the view point of many people can be considered and then noted down. This would from the basis of writing a good paragraph. Brainstorming brings out different ideas and different thoughts and when this is put don in some clear order will form a very good parsgrssph.

Normally a good paragraph  is one where ideas flow coherently  and one after another without any confusion. In order to get that order right ,one needs to  jot down points so that when writing is initiated the points will help in making the paragraph and main sentences.

Generally the help of a dictionary is taken to get synonyms of worlds and the right word that can be put in place.


A good paragraph has a good conclusion. The conclusion has no new ideas but is just a summary on what has been stated in earlier paragraphs. This also suggests some recommendations on how to mask writing effective.


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