Romanticism is an artistic style of designing arts

Romanticism is an artistic style of designing arts that was conceptualized in the medieval period. These designs were distinguished from others that had their themes revolve around ordinary and rational ideas because their level of creativity and imagination was higher. The romanticism period was experienced between 1770 and 1860 in both America and Europe. This was after the ousting of the French Revolution that focussed on designs, which conveyed elements of rational reasoning (Harvey, n.d).

Artists and the Artistic Works

Caspar David Friedrich, John Constable, Joseph Mallord Turner and William Blake are examples of the Great artists linked with Romanticism in Europe and America. The theme of their works was focussed on exploration, war, love, power, and the distinction between the two opposing groups in society of the rich and the poor. Some of Caspar's work included, "The Wanderer above the Sea of Frog" and "On Board a Sailing Ship" of 1819 and 1818 respectively. John Constable's famous work was "The Study of the Haywain" while Turner's famous portrait design was "The Life Boat and Manby Apparatus". William Blake's famous work was "The Ancient Days" that described the time of the gods. These portraits elaborated on the political, religious and socio-cultural environment of society, displaying creativity and imagination. Therefore, it was perceived that the period of romanticism represented an important phase in the advancement towards liberty as a political, philosophical and aesthetical thought ("Artists by Movement: Romanticism," n.d).

Impact of the Movement

Similar to the artists in the romanticism period, artists in the twentieth century seek inspiration from the many facets of the environment in which they live in. This includes the political, socio-cultural and the geographical environment. They practise a high level of imagination and creativity. As a result, their designs have accredited the same attention as those of the romanticism period ("Printmaking in the Age of Romanticism," 2009). In conclusion, modern day artists should display the same level of imagination as well criticism towards their environment when creating artistic designs. This will allow them to act as a voice for the people and appreciate the different wonders that nature has to offer.

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