Reason for Network congestion and Congestion Control

Network congestion occurs in the network when a node is overburdened or being swamped with high number of frames which in turn deteriorates the entire network efficiency. Some of the effects of the congestion are queueing delay, packet loss etc. As a consequence the increase on the offered load leads to actual reduction on network throughput.

Congestion Control:

The Congestion control techniques deal with the control of the data being communicated into the telecommunicating network, in-order to avoid all the collapse of network by avoiding to attempt over burdening any single node in the network or using the linking capabilities of the multiple intermediate nodes and reducing the nodes taking too much of the network resources like reducing the number of packets transmitted.

The three Problems associated are:

1.  First problem associated with the arithmetic control is that it will not guarantee that the node will not be overburdened or flooded with the frames in network.

2.  This congestion control mechanism does not allow distributing any kind of permits at the positions they are really needed, but at places where it would have worked without them.

3. If in-case any of permits being destroyed the capacity of the entire network is highly reduced due to the congestion on middle or intermediate nodes. 

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