Organizational Characteristics that Influence Training

Organizational Characteristics that Influence Training

Global Presence

Companies that deal with global business need the training to prepare employees for the abroad task. For instance, companies must make a decision on how the training will be conducted either through satellite installations or management through a central overseas facility.

Integration of Company Units

The measure of the combination of business units influences the training approach. Employees of a company need to recognize all sections of the organization and through a training approach all the needs must get addressed.

Peak organization Support

 Top manager is (CEO) accountable for vision, learner, marketing manager and the sponsor administrator of the company.

Human Resource Management Practices

Human Resource Management Practices are activities that involve investments. It also entails routine management, proper training, staffing and benefits of training. Companies that apply these practices tend to have a higher level of performance.

Staff Involvement in Training and Development

Managers in different firms need to be involved in training approaches so that training can stay related to the company needs.

I consider identification of the company's business strategy as the most important organizational characteristic that influences training because this is a stage where the mission, vision, the values, and goals are selected. 

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