My Personality Traits and Future Entrepreneurship Career

There are numerouscharacteristics that contribute to my determinationand quest of becoming an entrepreneur. Several of these traits emerge from my individual characteristics such as attentiveness, diligence, and adaptability. These characteristics are vital when becoming an entrepreneur because they form an immense part of being a methodical and trustworthyin future business endeavors. I am considered to have these characteristics sinceI have always set high goals for myself. I learnt about the beauty of entrepreneurship from my father in my senior year of high school. During that time, i didn't comprehendhow this knowledge would change my life and generate such an overpowering passion for my prospective career. The deadline to figure out what I wanted to do in college was first approaching and I was yet to choose what I really wanted to do. I've had a desire for business, trade and any type of commercial activity, so i recognized the career i coveted would include those things. At each selection interview, i got a chance to speak with my mentor and father. I was very impressed by his knack for business and how he got the opportunity to be his own boss and interact with his customers directly. By the end of my interviews, i knew this was what i wanted to do. After I graduated high school, I immediately started my journey towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Now that I am in college, i genuinely enjoy learning about business and expanding my mind. I am usually attentive and perceptive of the material that is handed my way as i know the path will eventually lead to my final destination. My undergraduate studies are really helping me focus on the challenges I willface have ultimately confirmed my desire of reaching my target.

Other traits that add to my perseverance to be an entrepreneur are motivating influences like my involvement in business projects and my passion to have a career i know i will enjoy. I got the opportunity to do help at my father's diner. My father was very reassuring about my goals towards being an entrepreneur and respondedto any questions i had. He allowed me to be interactive with customers and help out as much as possible. My father has been in business for 17 years and I got an opportunity to learn a lot from him. This opportunity helped me recognize my ability to be a business owner and I know my dreams are soon going to be fulfilled.

While these motivating factors and personal characteristics are noble to have in chasing a profession in entrepreneurship, the most essential element is doing what you love. It's hard to come by somebody who truly loves their job and truly enjoys going to work daily. When you really love what you do, then it ceases to feel like work at all. This is the kind of career i desire. I am convinced that my undergraduate program will require commitment, hard work and persistence. Even so, i am eager totake on this challenge wholeheartedly.

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