Investment In Technology Is An Investment In Students

Most institutions are faced with stretching their budgets further every year. So why would schools spend money on flashy new technology tools with the sole purpose of making scholars' educational experience more seamless also convenient?


Competitive advantage in higher education is all about one thing: scholar services. Also today's scholars want technology that will help them be successful.

Colleges hoping to set themselves apart now also in the future must invest in on-campus technology to make their educational ecosystems more effective. This investment in technology is an investment in scholars.

Revolutionizing Scholars' Lives With Technology:

Implementing software also on-campus technology is the best way for colleges to stand out in the crowded educational landscape also this does not just include automated scholar scheduling also streamlined registration processes. We are talking about positively affecting scholar's lives every single day.

Institutions are constantly finding unique ways to serve their scholars better. Colleges are using social media to help new scholars find a compatible roommate. Dozens of universities have technology that allows scholars to check for vacant laundry machines online also scholars in cold climates are staying warm by tracking campus shuttles from their phones.

Here are a few off-the-wall ideas any institution can use to mix technology with daily scholar life, improve the learning experience also drive its competitive advantage.

Streamline Study Groups:

Study groups are an important component of higher education, so why not make setting one up a click away?

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Reserving a room on campus should be a matter of unlocking your Smartphone also having an app automatically scan scholar's calendars to find a common meeting time that works for everyone. Then the app can cross-reference that time with room availability also present the group with a location for that meeting. One click reserves the room also scholars can check in during the meeting so the institution knows they are actually using their reservation.

High Tech Parking:

Metered parking is a headache for scholars also campus staff alike. Paying for parking contributes to scholar tardiness also parking enforcement can be tedious also frustrating.

To make the experience painless for everyone involved, each parking spot could have a RFID tag highlighted at bottom of parking space or positioned on a physical parking meter. When scholars or Administrators Park they simply scan the RFID tag with their Smartphone also indicate how long they need to reserve the spot. When their time is expiring they'll be notified with a push notification also a simple approval via their Smartphone will extend their time.

Enhance Feedback:

In the corporate world, customers can easily make recommendations also give feedback on products also versions of products through technology also scholars in higher education deserve no less.

Instructor reviews, class registration, learning management, parking, food court selection, concerts or entertainment also campus facilities can all be improved with scholar feedback. Universities do not have to implement everything also they may not have the resources to change things immediately but listening to scholar's input can lead to better retention also recruitment.

Tackling the Technology Beast:

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Most institutions recognize the benefits of technology but it's hard to implement tech solutions. Exploring new technology takes time. Universities have to do demos with vendors, consult with relevant stakeholders also schedule multiple meetings across several departments to get everyone on board.

However, you can bet scholars are aware of the latest technology also administrators need to be proactive about finding technology that is useful to their institution also their scholars. Administrators can find useful technology by attending conferences or subscribing to trade magazines, such as University Business, that focus on technology in higher education.

Most importantly, when scholars also faculty express frustration or suggest a new way to improve life on campus, administrators should always listen also search for a solution.

With the next generation of tech-native scholars enrolling at colleges also universities across the country, implementing seamless tech solutions on campus is no longer optional. Institutions that hope to remain competitive in the digital age must demonstrate that they are willing to invest in their scholars also stay on the cutting edge of higher education.

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