Investigation about Social Issue-Gay Marriage

Investigation about Social Issue-Gay Marriage

Among several social issues, gay marriage has attained significant social debates in past and recent present days. Evolution of the trend of gay marriage or same sex marriage indicates towards a significant social change, where two visible fractions of the society can be considered emerging, as one which believes in natural approach of development of harmony while other do not believe in conventional form of thinking and reproduces a new kind of sect. Overall impact of this specific issue on societal balance makes it crucial to estimate the significance of paying attention on assessment of it.

The specific research attempts to measure the need of paying high social attention over this social issue and efforts to estimate the potential cause of adoption of trend related to gay or same sex marriage and assessment of its impact over the natural societal balance.

Specific Hypothesis

            In order to assess the relative impact of such societal change or trend of gay or same sex marriage, the scholars or experts of sociology have two distinct opinions. One set of scholars believe that it is needed to conduct a research to identify the potential causes which stimulates such trend of gay or same sex marriage; while the other group believes that this specific concern do not require such social attention and should be considered as normal sociological act. In order to proceed with comprehensive research and derive certain valid outcome from this particular research study, the prime hypothesis has been established that it would be highly needed to ascertain or assess the potential cause of adoption of such trend and its relative impact over the society. 

Applicable Sociological Concepts

            In context of this social issue of gay or same sex marriage, in this contemporary time, the societal concept which seems to be apparently valid and applicable is the sociological theory of change. The sociological theory of change propounds that change in viewpoints of human beings originate from the pattern of human evolution, which also includes that major factors which stimulates the change in human thinking are the expectations and needs of the society and time. Time plays a critical role in making a particular norm socially acceptable and adaptable to the specific social groups of the human being.

            However, it has been also observed that any fresh or new view, which comprises the detachment from the conventional norms or opposes from the established social norms or rules, attains the posterity in its initial stage. Thus gradual change in the though process causes evolution of the new societal changes, which are generally not accepted by the social community, as like the case of gay or same sex marriage. The issue of gay marriage has started being highlighted in society and concerns related to its validity or acceptance have started rising. "Modernity has eroded opposition to gay marriage"   (Rubin, 2013)

Practical Implications

            Several of the social researches in the specific domain of study, gay or same sex marriage, can be considered through provoking in terms of assessment of impact of such trends over the social security and economical independence aspects of the gay couples. Most of historical researches and evaluations have proved that in majority of man-women relationship women have been found dependent on men to fulfill their identity and social status. In consideration to the pattern identified in the previous researches, the current trend of gay or same sex marriage can be considered denying to that established pattern. It has been observed that relationship between man-man exists in fewer rules defined, but more inclined towards protection of each one's request.


            Several of the researches and relative studies have been made to identify the impact of gay or same sex marriage over society and potential causes which stimulate such trends. However, various further researches and statutory guidelines opposes the gay or same sex marriages and promotes or encourages the natural relation of man and women as valid form of marriages. "State law and constitutional provisions limits the marriage to relationship between man and woman". (NCSL, 2014) Similarly, several of the researches highlights the impact of the gay or same sex marriage over the societal balance and validity or authenticity of such marriages. "An honest discussion of violence would take us beyond laws on gun control, important though that discussion is, to the disappearance of men from the institutions that develop their sense of responsibility and their desire to protect rather than destroy women and children." (White, 2014)


            In consideration to comprehensive discussion about the evolution causes, trend and impact of the gay or same sex marriages, it can be stated that evolution or trend of the gay marriage in community is the resultant of sociological change, which generally gets influenced of the need of the society or change in time-period. Most of researchers and scholars opinion indicates that gay marriages causes deviation in the role definition aspects of man-woman relationship and restricts the dependence of woman over man for social status and economic stability, as in man-man relationship such factors remains absent. From the analysis it can be easily projected that a new form of human civilization is taking place and thus needs appropriate social attention to understand its influence or impact. 

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