Important Role of Referencing Styles in Writing Essays or Reports

Important Role of Referencing Styles in Writing Essays or Reports

While writing Essays, Reports, Research work, Dissertation etc. a term is used i.e. referencing which plays a lead role as per evaluation point of view in university assignments. Either you are pursuing graduation or post-graduation, you have to do many write-up assignments during the course which need sources to collect the relative information. In your homework, you have to give the credit to author/writer of that source for his/her intellectual hard work, therefore, references is used to indicate the source of collected information and ideas which helps to support your work.

   In academic writing, referencing is very salient and predominant part of assignment. Referencing is a good practice to cite the source of raw material by which professor can easily find out how student work hard to collect the information for the assignment. This shows the surety of genuine sources for background study. In contrast with referencing, bibliography term is also used in some cases, which indicates the research of a source that is studied but not used directly in the work.

  • What are referencing styles?

Referencing style is a structure of citing the source (text book, journals etc) which you have used to support your work by using other's intellectual work and research. In referencing style student have to mention year of publish, author's summary etc. in certain pre-defined pattern.

  • Type of referencing styles:

The way or format we follow to give references in the document is known as Referencing Style. There are many kinds of Referencing styles which are listed below:

Ø  American Psychological Association (APA style)

Ø  Harvard Referencing also known as Parenthetical referencing

Ø  Modern Language Association (MLA style)

Ø  Turabian/ Chicago Style

Ø  Oxford Referencing style

Ø  IEEE referencing format etc.

Every referencing style has its own format to represent the source in the document and the use of particular one depends on university guidelines. APA style and Harvard style are most adopted referencing format by universities.

  • Writing a Perfect Essay is an Art

Essay writing on certain topic is very common task which is often given in course duration. Basically writing as essay shows your knowledge on that topic and the way how you represent the information intellectually in order. Student needs sources to collect the information which obviously lead them to cite the referencing properly.

            To write a perfect essay, referencing has its own importance which should not be ignored by student. The selection of sources and giving the references in proper format are core part of essay writing. Student should aware to the importance of referencing style while working on assignment. Whenever you use other author/writer's concepts, facts, ideas and thoughts directly as it is, don't forget to cite the source at that place by giving summary of author and date of publishing. This is known in-text citation. Reference should be numbered in that order in which they arrive in the main body of essay. All these information can be helpful for students to write an impressive essay still most of the students end up with uninteresting and monotonous essay but they can take help from online assignment expert provider service which can assist them in their homework.

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