How to Write Analytically and persuasively

How to Write Analytically and persuasively 

An analytical essay cannot be considered as summary, it's a piece of writing that provides and informative observation about a specific topic. There are ample of topics and ideas that can be easily examined and analysed

This essay requires that can make some sort of argument upon something. In this type of essay you can examine, interpret or analyse such things like work of art, a book, or something important.

There are many ways you can organise your analytical essay, but it does not matter what way you choose to write it, however it should consists of three main parts:-

1.     Introduction- The introduction is important as it makes reader interested in your analysis.  It is used to tell the reader that what the analysis is all about and you have further discussed. Each and every literary work have at least one major issue. In the analysis you also need to define the idea or purpose of the topic you wish to examine in your analysis.

2.     Analysis of the topic-This can also be stated as the body of the essay. Where you can go really creative about the topic or issue and play around with the formatting. The issue you choose to analyse should be completely connected to the argument. Initially state the issue and then present the argument. After starting the analysis, pay attention on the stylistic devices. Never forget to support your assumptions with suitable examples and reasonable judgements.

3.     Personal response- By givingthe personal meaning of the text you can give more out of it and will give the deeper understanding of the text. Don't ever think that you only have the positive response of the text as it may considered as a big mistake. You can base any objections from the text and use any evidence from the text. The personal response should be there in the evidence throughout the essay not only in the end. 

4.     Conclusion- After organising up all the body paragraphs, analysis of the topic, and the personal response, it's time to wrap up.  The conclusion which is the ending of the essay, the conclusion should that brief and the main points should be discussed without copying. 

Writing a persuasive essay is like being a lawyer arguing for a case before a jury. In this type of essay it's the job of the writer to convince the reader to accept a particular point of a specific reason. This type of essay requires good research and the solid understanding of the issue. A good persuasive essay not only demonstrates that the writer is correct, but also demonstrates that why the opposing view is incorrect. It's a fixture of modern life which is found in advertising, newspaper, political speeches, and blogs and so on.  For example: "The school board is with a  notice debating about whether to ban or  not ban call phone in the school. Write a convincing essay on the board to adopt a position." As written in the prompt, the main purpose is not to inform, but to persuade or convince an audience to think about it in a certain way.

1.     Prewriting for the Persuasive essay- It is one of the important phase of persuasive essay. During the phase the students should plan every aspect of the essay. They should think about which side they wish to speak. In order to convince the audience the writer must understand the reader's perspective. Proper search should be done on the issue. Do not relay on the single source. Search as much as you can for the issue. There is never no substitute for the knowledge of the both sides as less knowledge on side will be harmful.

2.     Drafting the Persuasive essay:The Introductory paragraph should have strong hook that can easily attract the reader's attention. The opening can easily be done by the fact or statistic, question or a quotation. For example- Talking on cell phone while driving even on earphones is same as driving drunk. Each part of the body should contain a separate point should be explained with suitable evidence. Define the terms properly and the background as well.

3.     Revising the Persuasive Essay-Properly review, modify and reorganize the work with the aim of making it the best. Keep in mind that does it open with a proper hook that attracts the reader and forces them to read more. Keep in mind that the opposing point of view is convincingly refuted or not?

4.     Editing the Persuasive Essay- The next step is to check whether the text is grammatically correct or not and it also not contains any errors. Try to get I read by a friend or someone else so that you can edit it with a fresh perspective.

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