How to Turn Mistakes into Success

How to Turn Mistakes into Success

Mistakes are inevitable and with experience, we learn to be more cautious. Making mistakes and learning from them is the process of life. Actually, it's a learning process. Mistakes help us to grow as better persons. The world is such that it doesn't help us to easily get over slipups. Some people find it amusing to keep pointing it out to remind the person. For some, it becomes a joke, and for some it becomes an opportunity. With the right thinking and right kind of advice, people can turn their mistakes into success. It may sound peculiar, but this is for real. Staying positive is very much important. Forget about the negative jests from people. Take it as positive criticism to help you grow and move on! We are humans and making mistakes are very much part of it. Think about turning the mess into a golden opportunity. It may sound impossible, but it's not!

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Take the Step

People should take the initiative to accept their mistakes. They should not be ashamed of it. They shouldn't blame others for what they did. Moreover, a person shouldn't be scared. They should be confident and bold to take responsibility. It helps a person move on. It shouldn't be forgotten that behind every great success there are scores of mistakes or failure. People should always be ready with multiple strategies and goals. If one strategy fails, they can utilize the next one and so on. By keeping goals, they will know what to work towards. It will be their target. People should think about the following: 

  • Listen to oneself - a person should always listen to their inner voice. Psychologists explain that the inner voice makes the person aware about the impending troubles or danger. The inner voice is actually the sub-conscious.
  • No one is prefect -if we were all prefect, no one would make mistakes. We move forward by making mistakes and learning from it.
  • Don't set high expectations - set achievable goals, not something which is out of reach or impossible.
  • Talk about it - it is good to talk about mistakes and getting a feedback. It brings about exchange and flow of ideas. Talking helps. It helps the person feel normal and get over it.
  • Learn -a person should learn from other people's mistakes too. They can find out how the mistake was made and prevent it. The best way to learn is by working together.
  • Focus -a person should know themselves. He or she should know their weaknesses and strengths. Mistakes often happen because the person overlooked oneself. One should always know what they are potential of.
  • Consistency -when a person falls, he or she picks themselves up. They are then able to move ahead. They are aware about things and avoid the bad ones to get to the good ones.

Great Examples

Let's take everyday situations - a teacher gives spelling test to a class. The test comprises of twenty words. The students try their best to remember the words. Some are able to score the full marks and some slip up by two or three points. After a week, the teacher gives the same spelling test. This time, all the students get it right. They learned from their mistakes. They worked hard for it thus, their achievement. The same can be applied to day-to-day life. Once or twice, slipups happen. The person learns from it. He develops himself and improves. The next time around, the mistake doesn't happen. This is success. It doesn't have to be big. Success differs from person to person and business to business.

Businesses have teams and strategies in place to work through mistakes. They have good leadership and regular meetings. Some of the mistakes are tackled in the board room. Some mistakes don't even make it into the meetings. The staff members handle it and keep it to themselves. In big organizations, there is no space for blame game. The professional environment doesn't allow it. Success redefines mistakes. When a person finds success, they quickly forget the mistake. But it is because of the slipup, that they found success. A person should always get the groundwork done. Overall, mistakes are nothing to get upset and depressed about. It is part of life, a stream that needs to be crossed. Learning from it is very vital. Moreover, success is not achieved at once. A number of steps and falls have to be taken. People should not be ashamed about their slipups rather, they should be proud of it. Mistakes help a person achieve far greater things that they expected. It helps people grow. 

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