Female criminals are least likely to admit their mistakes or crimes

Female criminals are least likely to admit their mistakes or crimes. They usually express their love and affection for their partners of crime. But they still refuse to admit guilt.

Cathy Wood in the year 1988 admitted to kill the nursing home patients with her partner Gwen Graham. She was able to seduce her friends as well as family members and she was working as a prosecution. Wood was charged with one count of second degree murder and she was sentenced to death on her each count. (Yates, 2014)

Every married man who ever thought of cheating with his wife is because of the maniacal girlfriend which could be experienced from the movie "Fatal attraction" which was a real burst of fatal attraction in the country known as New York with the terrifying combination of sex, death and obsession.

Attractive Carolyn in the movie goes after her man and killed his wife and she always dressed in a very perfection way in designer clothes with her blonde hair, confident style and amazing body. She was a symbol of a love where she ended in murder and betrayal. She was very rich and wanted a rich man for her life so she craved to kill him for herself.

Carolyn's need and want were usually satisfied and she was just eight years old when her parents got divorced. Carolyn was a troubled young woman and she was also a fashionable dresser wearing fashionable and designer clothes to bring out the best of her attributes. She came from money and it described her dress, style and image as well as personality.

Thus one can say that female may be the better sex but some are also the criminals with the history of brutality. Plenty of women have committed similar crimes and they revolve around male criminals. (Gado, 20014)

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