Electric Recliners and Its Features

Electric Recliners and Its Features

Electric recliners or raise chairs are actually an advanced version of the traditional recliners or they could be better called as motorized armchairs. Electric recliners have gone a step ahead than the doctrine of luxury; they have principally been designed for the individuals who have issues pertaining to mobility due to some ailment, physical injury or a surgery. The recliners facilitate them to switch from one posture to another effortlessly. But in no way their benefits remain limited to the elderly and physically ailing people. They cater to the needs of all and sundry, anyone who wants to have a cat nap, relax or sit glued in front of a television set can opt for them.
Getting seated on the chair after slogging all through the day is actually the best way to unwind. More than a luxury it has become a necessity of the modern households and has several features which make it anytime better than an ordinary couch. The payback in terms of the benefits derived from an Electric Recliner is worth the amount invested.

Features of an Electric Recliner:

• The aged and those who undergo a surgery or injury related with joint become confined. Transition from a standing to a sitting posture or vice versa also becomes a hassle for them. But with the aid of an electric recliner they can manage the movements with great ease. The recliner draws away all the pressure from the joints and actually lifts the person till he becomes stable. This transition can be achieved by simply pushing a button which regulates the motion of the motor.

• Keeping in mind that the person with restricted mobility will not have efficient muscles and therefore will plunge themselves in the chair and would also require complete support while standing up, the frame work of an Electric recliner is very robust. It can easily bear a weight of about 300 to 500 pounds.

• Most of the recliners remain well equipped with other accessories like book, magazines holders, cup holders in the arm rest, in built massage apparatus, mini cooling units at the sides, which make them multipurpose.

• They are available in a myriad of designs and materials and therefore one gets enough room to make a choice.
Following considerations should be made before buying an Electric Recliner:

• While buying an Electric Recliner special heed should be paid to feature which helps a person get into and get out of the chair. The degrees or the angles of recline and raise should be given a thought.

• Next on the list are the size and material of the chair. In case it is being bought for a physically challenged person then the size of the recliner should be such that it easily accommodates the person and material should be of a type that permits long hours of sitting.

• The alignment and the control buttons of the electric recliner should be properly checked

Electric recliner therefore are undoubtedly the finest pieces of furniture which guarantee luxury and ensure relaxation.

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