Does using technology like pads or smartboards in classrooms cause students learn better

Does using technology like pads or smartboards in classrooms cause students learn better?

We humans have so far related the term technology to almost every aspect of life whether it comes to the vert important large scale industries or to the basics of learning in everyone's life schools. As we are sailing toward the 21st century, this term technology is growing more in the life of a student and his small world classroom. Laptops, tablets, pads are replacing textbooks while smartboards are replacing blackboards. And with this growing technology, a major question arises that does this technology causes students to learn better? The technology has completely transformed our lives and the way to study.

In my opinion, technology is for making things better and easy and so it does in our classrooms also. Also, the coming generation is the generation of techno freaks. They find concepts easy to understand when they are somehow related to technology. And what will be the best way and the whole thing is taught with the help of them. Whenever asked everyone has the same answer "yes" for using technologies in teaching students. Smartboards as the name suggest smartly teach students in a practical way. As when a teacher is teaching anything on board, he cannot show every concept in reality but with the help of smartboards he can very quickly show students how things go. Also, we learn better when we see the same scenario being done in front of us rather than being told and imagining things being done.

Also, things become easy for a student when he has to do them in ipads. Hardworking just transforms into smart working. The major problem we find nowadays with students in school is that of boredom and a very nice solution to the above is making them study through gadgets. Making them interested in studies is all we want, and this is the best way nowadays as we see children are interested in almost all things when they seem to be connected to gadgets then why not use them for their betterment and making them find things interesting through them. This technology even helps in better understanding of topics and also replaces the burden of a teacher how to make things interesting as half of their work would be done by these gadgets. Changes are necessary and when the changes are in this form why not accept them and get forward with them, keeping pace with the world and technology.

The main point we are discussing is to make a student learn better and making understand them. We know very well that when we try to memorise things we just remember them for a short duration but when we learn things by understanding them we remember them almost lifelong. And the way to make children understand them is by using smart technology in our classrooms. Thus, a bright future awaits for students as they unknowingly acquire what we are trying to make them get through better means and level of understanding. Many students don't get the concept until and unless they see it and using a smartboard. It is so easy for a teacher to show animated stuff or emotional concepts which can not be done in a blackboard.

Also instead of using notes one can give homework in iPad and student can easily find innovative ideas to do their homework in a fun way and without feeling it as a burden. They can show their creativity with technology. Also, many other skills can be improved. But one cannot deny the fact that the creativity and innovation one used to show on pen and paper can never be replaced. Thus we come to a fact that we should try to mix both the new technology like iPad with our old book system and tada what we get are more interested students and new ideas, and that's what we want.

But in all the above facts we forget that the classical system of studying and reading, pen and paper, chalk and duster will somehow get vanished so it is equally important for us a while. Using new technologies keeping in mind about the old system and not just abandon them. So, at last, we can conclude that changes that are for betterment must be supported, and change for a bright future of children is worth support. Make your classrooms a better place with a better environment and better learning experience.

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