Difficulty In Learning – Here Is The Solution To Strengthen Memory

Everybody wish for increase their memory and their psychologists gave them a list of brain exercises that would increase their memory! How irritating that must have felt, right? Well, they don't really need to exhaust their brain to improve their memory. We have some really cool and insane tips that would help to strengthen memory considerably. Moreover, everyone does not even have to visit their psychologist and empty their pockets.

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1) Clench Fist:

As we said, clench fist and can have a better memory. Well do not get shocked. The studies (by Proper et al.) say that if someone clench their right fist while learning, it would help them memorize and clenching the left later would help them recall whatever they memorized. So, try that and share this insane trick with others.

2) Chew Gum:

This works wonders. Notice that whenever someone chews gum, he/she feels focused toward the job them are doing meanwhile. They are not the only one who feels that way as a study by Morgan et al. proved that the audio memory of people who chewed gum was better short-term memory as opposed to those who didn't.

3) Sleep:

Well this is pretty obvious to connect but we will tell the exact scientific phenomenon. Sleeping along with the heavenly feeling also gives strengthens to their memory. Contrary to the common belief- brain is way too busy during sleep and along with all the other tasks this multi-tasking genius restructures, strengthens also reorganizes their memories while they sleep.

4) Walk:

Everyone must have seen their elders complaining of losing their memory power with the advancing age. We know they would not want to suffer what they are suffering, so, start walking from today itself. Six miles a week and their memory are bound to stay young longer. In fact, everyone can suggest to those old age people around them to practice this technique as well because a study by Erickson et al. showed that oldsters who walked 6-9 miles a week developed greater amount of gray matter in a period of nine years as compared to those who did not.

5. Quit Smoking:

Everyone have heard that thousands of time by now. However, all this while, that they were told to stop smoking to save their lungs. We tell them to stop smoking to improve their memory. The best part about quitting smoking to improve memory is that someone cannot even argue that they have made enough damage to their memory already. The reason is- as soon as they quit smoking, their memory restores to its normal state as proved by a study undertaken by Hefferman et al.

6. Ignore hackneyed perceptions:

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Universe receives signals from their thoughts and everyone attract from universe the things they thing about. Pretty complex yet simple at the same time! If someone feels the stereotype that their memory will lose its strength by advancing age, their memory certainly will. So why don't them try being unconventional? Think the opposite, think their memory won't have any effect of their progressing age and they might come up with slightly diverse results. Give a chance to positive thoughts inside everyone. A study by Hess et al. showed that oldsters who were constantly reminded of their advancing age and memory loss did way worse in memory tests as opposed those who were not nagged about their advancing age.

7. Sniff rosemary:

It sounds insane, doesn't it? Amazingly, this insane trick has been proved to improve mental arithmetic, long-term memory and prospective memory. Mc Cready & Moss held a survey in 2013 where it had people seated in two dissimilar rooms. One was infused with rosemary fragrance and other was not. They had the pope loin the both the rooms give a memory test and guess what people in the room was infused with rosemary fragrance performed better.

8. Lose some pounds:

Weight has similar effects on memory which smoking has. In fact losing weight is again similar to quitting smoking. Their memory power gets back to normal.

9. Turn the screen off and sit idle:

We know them have lots of significant stuff to do, but, trust us; it would be worth the time off. They are almost done reading this and they want to memorize this, right? Sit quietly and give some time to their brain to process whatever they have read. If them make their busy with another thing as soon as them are done doing one thing, them are probably going to forget whatever them read. When they are idle, their brain is not; it is processing some important memory functions meanwhile.

"Go ahead and let everyone's brain to be processed through this article and make memory stronger."

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