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Phylum Echinodermata Animals

Definition-Radially symmetrical, usually pentamerous, body wall with calcarious plate and spines, peculiar water, vascular system and gonads which are not connected with the coelom in the adult stage.

Phylum Echinodermata Animals General Characters-

1. Body organisation: Organ system grade.

2. Triploblastic, coelomate.

3. Symmetry: Secondary radial symmetry.

4. Body: Unsegmented, globular, star shaped, oval, disc shaped and extended lengthwise.

5. Pentamerous body surface radiated into ambulacral and interambulacral region alternately present.

6. Skeleton: Dermal spines or dermal calcarious stipules form the inter¬skeleton.

7. Locomotion: Water vascular system with podia and tube-feet madreporite mostly present.

8. Body coelom: Enterocoelic type includes perivisceral coelom and water vascular cavities.

9. Alimentary canal: Straight or coiled.

10. Circulatory system: Perihaemel blood vascular system.

11. Respiratory system: Includes branchial, tube-feet, respiratory trees and burr sac.

12. Nervous system: Circum oral ring and radial nerves are present and brain absent.

13. Sense organs: Organ of touch, chemoreceptors, internal tentacles, photoreceptors, statocyst very less developed.

14. Excretory system: Absent.

15. Sex: Generally unisexual.

16. Reproductive organs: Large gonads and numerous gonoducts.

17. Fertilization: External.

18. Development: Indirect with free swimming larval forms.

19. Regeneration power present.

20. Habit: Exclusively marine.

Phylum Echinodermata Animals Classification-

Class 1-Asteroidea e.g. asterias, solaster.

Class 2-Ophiuroidea e.g. ophiura, ophiothrix, ophioderms.

Class 3-Echinoida e.g. echinus, clypeaster.

Class 4-Holothuroidea e.g. cue umaria, holothuria, synepta.

Class 5-Crinoidea e.g. antedon, neometra.

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