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Phylum Arthropoda Animals

Definition: These are jointed limbed animals in which the segments are variously fused to form the head, thorax and abdomen. The chitin forms the exoskeleton. About 9,00,000 species are known.

Phylum Arthropoda Animals General Characters-

1. Organ system grade body organisation.

2. Symmetry: Bilateral, triploblastic, segmented body.

3. Locomotion: By segmented legs for walking and running and wings for flying.

4. Exoskeleton Chitinous cutiularised which is periodically casted off.

5. Body divides into head, thorax and abdomen. Head and thorax often fused to form cephalothorax.

6. Body coelom: Haemocoel filled with haemolymph.

7. Digestive system: Complete; mouth parts are adopted for differentially feeding mechanism.

8. Circulatory system: Open type consists of a dorsal pericardial, a middle perivisceral and a ventral perineural sinus along with one heart, arteries and veins.

9. Respiratory system: Respiration from general body surface, gills, trachea and book lungs.

10. Excretory organs: Green glands and malpighian tubules.

11. Nervous system: One dorsal cerebral ganglia forming the brain ring and a double ventral nerve cord.

12. Sense organs: Simple and compound eyes and sense of touch.

13. Sex: Usually separated.

14. Repreoductive system: Paired gonads with ducts.

15. Fertilization: Internal, oviparous and ovoviviparous.

16. Development: Direct or indirect with more than one larval forms. Some with parthenogenesis,

17. Habit and habitat: Free living, aquatic and parasitic. The variety of habits and habitats are present in the animals of arthropods.


Class 1-Mesostomata e.g. limulus, eurypterus, pterygotus.

Class 2-Arachnida e.g. buthus, palamnaeus (scorpion), chelifer (pseudo scorpion), lycosa (wolf spider), achaearanea (House spider), mites, ticks.

Class 3-Crustacea e.g. apus, daphnia, cypris cyclops, argulus, lepus, balanus, sacculina, squilla, mysis, oniscus, caprella, crab, palaemon, astacus (ray fish), hippa, cancer (crab), euparagus or hermit crab.

Class 4-Diplopoda e.g. millipede, julus, spirobolus.

Class 5-Chilopoda e.g. centipede, scolopendra, lithobius.

Class 6-lnsecta e.g. silver fish, leplsrna, periplaneta, grylus, cricket, mantis, phyllium (leaf insect), termites, dragon fly, pediculus (sucking lice), cimex, bedbug, aphids, beetles, moths, butterflies, musca (house fly). apis (honey bee), wasps etc.

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