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Studies in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with natural beauty spread across coast to coast. It has elegant looking landscapes of mountains, plains, lakes, rivers and forests. It is also the second largest country in the world. Canada extends from pacific to Atlantic and penetrates deep into the arctic. For a tourist or an explorer Canada is a paradise. The Niagara falls are world famous and other great tourist destinations are the great lakes, jasper national parks and you will find exquisite sceneries of fluorescent blue lakes, glaciers and peaks spread across Canada.

If you are from outside Canada and want to study in Canada, you will be probably living close to the Canada American border. You will find a large number of students from across the world and will see real muticulturism on the streets. The quality and reputation of the Canadian institutions of education is quiet high, and Canada has ten universities placed in the QS world rankings of top 100 universities. Some top universities in Canada are-

1. The University of Alberta- the university was conceived a hundred years back. It is located in the city of Edmonton in the province of Alberta in the western part of Canada. Around 37,000 students are a part of this prestigious university and are studying in its 200 undergraduate and 170 graduate programs in 18 faculties. A large international group of students which is around 4000 in number is also a part of this university. Students of excellent academic potential receive scholarships and funding from the university and other sources as well. The amount goes well up to cad25 million and the university also receives massive amounts of money for research form various organizations

2. The University of British Columbia- It was established in the year 1908. It is one of the most prominent and leading universities in Canada and is r among the top 40 global institutions in the world. It has more than 54,000 students studying form across Canada and has a good number of international students also which are from 140 different countries across the globe. It is located in Vancouver and has more than 37,000 undergraduate and 9,000 graduate students. The campus in itself is very beautiful and is surrounded by forest on three sides and on the fourth side by the ocean. It has a larger area with more 400 acres of land. It offers education in almost all disciplines of regular and correspondence studies and world class faculty and state of the art infrastructure for fulfilling this purpose.

4. University of Laval - It is the first institution in North America to offer higher education in French and can be termed as the oldest centre of education in Canada. It is located in Quebec City of Canada. The roots of the foundation of the university go back to year 1663. The campus has around 30 buildings connected by ten kilometers of underground pathways. It offers around 350 programs to more than 38,000 students at various levels of higher education like doctorate, graduate and undergraduate courses. Around 30 programs and 400 courses are also offered by distance learning.

5. McGill University-it is a public research university which is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in the year 1821. It is top ranking university in Canada in offering doctorate and medical degrees, and is on the first rank since past six years. It has produced eight noble laureates, three astronauts, one hundred and thirty two Rhodes scholars, two Canadian prime ministers, three Pulitzer Prize winners, three foreign leaders and eight Olympic medal winners. The campus is in an area of 32 hectares of land. The university offers degrees and diplomas in over 300 courses including medicine and law. There are 34,000 students currently enrolled in the McGill University, with one fifth of them being of international origin. The university gives education in all fields such as law, business, medicine, finance, humanities, arts etc.

6. The Mc Master University- It is located in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The campus area is around 121 hectares. It has six major academic faculties which are health sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities and the famous De Groote School of business. It is also a member of u15 which is a group of research intensive universities in Canada. It has around 23,000 undergraduate and 3,500 post graduate students from Canada as well as from 120 other countries of the world.

Some other prominent colleges and universities in Canada include the Montreal, Queen’s, Waterloo, Toronto, Dalhousie etc which make the Canadian educational network one of the largest in the world. The living and tuition expenses are reasonable and the standard of education provided is quite high. There are also good opportunities to stay and get employment in Canada itself for an international student.

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