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United Kingdom has always been among the prime locations to receive higher education among the rich and the famous since colonial times. With time, the United Kingdom universities and colleges have further improved themselves and are still one of the most desired destinations among students across the globe. Last year there were 1.8 million students in various United Kingdom universities and the number of international students was around 104,000. British degrees and course are not only recognized throughout the world, they are also respected worldwide. The studying environment in UK universities is diverse, creative and inviting to foreign students. The United Kingdom education system explores the capabilities of the student and refines them so that the student can develop his full potential. Most universities and colleges have international offices, academic support, planned social activities, international student societies and student bodies and have round the clock support facilities for their students which are provided by consultants and advisers. This advice or consultation is also free of cost. So if a person needs a detailed knowledge about any particular university, he can contact the adviser by telephone or email. The numbers are provided in the websites of universities on the internet. Students from around 180 different countries are currently enrolled in the United Kingdom universities. United Kingdom universities currently offer over 40,000 courses in various subjects and disciplines. The undergraduate and post graduate courses offered by the United Kingdom Universities offer the same curriculum in shorter span of time, thereby decreasing the time involved and also reducing the fees and other living expenses. An international student can also work for twenty hours a week and full time on holidays to generate extra money. A person from any of the European Union countries gets some enhanced privileges also. The top three universities of the United Kingdom, based on various international standards and systems of ranking are-

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UK University Assignments Homework Help

The University of Cambridge- It is one of the oldest universities in the whole world and was founded in1209. Apart from the main campus, it comprises of 31 colleges with over 131 departments, schools, institutions etc offering education in almost all disciplines of study. The university alumni have won 88 noble prizes. The admission is on the basis of some hard grading measures and a triple A Ranking throughout education is required.

The University of Oxford- Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world and was established in 1096 A.D. till now it has given the world and United Kingdom 26 noble prize winners, Around 30 leaders of international stature, 100 Olympic winners, 26 British prime ministers and 6 kings. The oxford and oxford Brookes have around 40,000 students. It receives the highest level of quality research and has world leading academics.

The Imperial College, London- It was established in the year 1907. Formerly a part of University of London, it has now become independent from it in its 100th year of foundation and academic excellence. Penicillin was discovered in this college and foundations to fiber optics were provided here. It has eight campuses in the periphery of London. It requires an A*A*A* standard for admission in all undergraduate courses. It has around 14000 students form both graduate and post graduate programs and around 30 percent of them are from outside the European union countries as it one of most preferred universities for international students from around 125 countries from across the globe. It is also among the most highly reputed institutions in the field of engineering, science and medical research.

There are also other universities which are highly popular in international students due to there easy admission processes and lower fees. Prominent among them are the City University, The London Metropolitan University, the London School of Economics, The University of Greenwich, University of Arts etc. These have great number of international students studying in them and offer world class facilities and infrastructure to their students with highly professional staff and faculty.

Apart from state of the art universities, United Kingdom has also other major attractions for an international student. Music is an integral part of the UK culture. There are various bars, large and small scale concert halls and independent cafes which are always full of students of various backgrounds and culture from across the globe listening to pop, jazz, electro, hip hop and other types of music. UK has also has beautiful landscapes and mountain biking, rock climbing etc are the normal leisure activities practiced. It also has state of the art sports facilities. Hence, the United Kingdom offers an highly intellectual environment for studies along with some world class recreation and sports facilities.