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Op-amp Regulator:

The basic circuit of a simple op-amp regulator is illustrated in Figure. A routine analysis of this circuit gives :

                 V0  =  1 + (R f / Ri) Vref

The circuit behaves as a voltage regulator since its output V0 is independent of IL and is also independent of changes in Vs.

1468_Op-amp Regulator.png

Figure: An Op-amp Based Regulator

Design Example

If Ri = Rf  = 1 k, Vref  = 5 V, then V0  = 10 V DC. V0 shall remain constant as long as Vs  ≥ V0 + 2 (at least, to make sure that op-amp is not saturated). Moreover, Vs may be varied among 12-36 volts without causing any effect on V0. Also, if RL is changed, V0 still remains constant as long as (IL  + Iref) is not greater than I0 (max) specified for the specific op-amp (typically, 10 mA).

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