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Voltage Division Rule:

 Since in series circuit, shown in Figure, current is illustrated by equation

I =  V /Req


 V1 = IR1 = V.  (R1/Req)

V2 = IR2 = V.  (R2 /Req)

V3 = IR3 = V.  (R3 /Req)

Figure shows the resistance connected is parallel.

77_Voltage Division Rule.png

Figure: Parallel Resistors

In parallel circuits, current is divided whereas the voltage remains same across all parallel branches.

1 /Req =  (1 / R1 )+  (1 / R2) +  (1/ R3)

= (R2 R3  + R1 R3  + R1 R2 )/ R1 R2 R3

∴          Req = R1 R2 R3 / (R1 R2 + R2 R3 + R3 R1)

It is better to represent the circuit in conductance form.

i.e. Geq  = G1 + G2 + G3

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