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Non-verbal Communication:

In determining the effectiveness of communication, non-verbal communication plays a significant role. Experts in the field of human communication have found that, in a classical message among two persons, only about 7 per cent of the meaning or content of the message is carried through the actual words being used. Another 38 per cent of the message is carried through one's tone of voice (that involves pacing, timing, pauses, and accents). The main part (55 per cent) of the content of the message is in the form of our body language.

Non-verbal communication could take place along with our actions or with our body gestures. For instance, a manager who pounds his first on the table although announcing which from now on participative management will be practiced in his organisation creates a credibility gap among what he says and what he practices. Think of a manager who says which he belives in an open door policy for all his employees but is busy with his own files while an employee provides him certain suggestions towards improvement in work environment. Is he not making non-verbal communication quite in conflict with his verbal communication? In such conditions the non-verbal message is so strong in which the verbal message will cease to be effective.

Body gestures that "communicate" might relate to your handshake, your smile, your eye-contact, your facial expression while listening, your posture while standing or sitting, the shrug of your shoulders, indeed, the movement of any element of your body. Thus, you must be watchful of your body language so in which it does not contradict your verbal message. This is indeed difficult since the body language is so involuntary which we are not even aware of it.

Non-verbal Actions that Assist Communication
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