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Force Field Analysis:

1.   Identify the problem that you want to work on.

2.   Define the problem clearly denoting the present situation.

3.   Define the condition desired after the problem is solved.

4.   Identify the forces working for the change, (that is, driving forces) through way of individual listing, brainstorming & such other means.

5.   Identify   and list forces   likely   to work   against   the desired   modify (restraining forces).  These forces could be associated to human resource, technology, time, money, customer requirements or any other internal or external factors.

6.   From the list of driving forces and restraining   forces, prioritise the forces and recognize 3-4 most significant forces under both categories.

7.  Make   a   force   field   diagram   showing   both   kinds   of   forces   after prioritization. An arrow should be proportional to their priority/strength.

8.   Discuss  and  list  possible  action  steps  for  decreasing  or eliminating  the effect of the restraining  forces and for adding or increasing  the effect of the driving forces.

9.   Determine the most effectual steps under both the categories of forces and decide on the ones to be implemented.

10. Examine the resources available for carrying out each step.

11. Establish a comprehensive action plan, order of activities and assign responsibilities for implementation.

12. Implement the plan.

13. Evaluate.

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