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Glimpse into the Future:

A world of work is being affected through the way in that technology and socio- economic modifies act together to create an information society: Here information not only remains us informed to an unparalleled degree, but also fact tells inanimate things what to do! This drastically decreases the requirement for human beings to mind machines and perform primary processes.

We are within the age of what is known as the 'shamrock organisation'. Like organisations are employing three categories of workers:

1 Core employees who constitute permanent staff and performing the central activity;

2 Contractors either as individuals or as companies who perform specialist functions; and

3 Casual or part-time workers, who carry out seasonal or variable tasks.

At various times of their lives, people might search in which various work styles suit them better and switch over from one category to another. People might fact have a portfolio of approaches to work from that they might invoke the element that suits a particular part of their life cycle. The portfolio might involved wage work, field work, home work, (domestic, do-it- yourself and etc.), gift work (for charity or the community) and study work (self- education). Therefore, as the pattern of work changes, lifetime work for a single employer will become increasingly rare, and a wider opportunity will emerge.

The implications of all this are vast both for the business and the individual. If society could get it right, it might mean more freedom and leisure. It will also have a bearing on the concept of career for life that is also creating problems for several companies where the career ladder has fewer rungs to climb.

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