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Forces of Change:

Any factor in the environment (both internal and external) which interferes along with the organisation's ability to attract human, financial and material resources it requires, or to produce and market its services/products becomes a force of change. Those are numerous visible and invisible forces that are constantly affecting changes in organisations. Some of the significant ones are elaborates in Table.

Table: Important Forces of Change


Force of Change






Tools, methods, procedures, techniques, instruments,




Knowledge, skills, expectations, ambitions,  requirement




Liberalisation, privatisation, globalisation,  breaking the barriers, resource imbalance




Mergers, acquisitions, entry of new organisations, new products, lowering prices & better services


Social Trends


Nuclear families, late marriages, working couples one child norm


Political Factors


Warring ideologies, transitory relationships, coalition Governments, new equations,  single superpower, etc.

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