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Jointing and Terminations

Cables are laid in lengths supplied over reels. Cable extensions are made by joints and terminated at the ends to link them to the system for use. Since of the cable consists of several items right from the conductors to the outer sheath, all joints are to be made as straight by joints so that each joint has the similar features/characteristics of the original cable.

Straight jointing is ensured by providing:

- Core continuity;

- Stress controlling screens;

- Insulation;

- Continuity of earth potential parts of the cable by clamping and running the earth lead;

- Mechanical protection by installing the brass or aluminium covers; and

- Finishing over the mechanical protective cover.

Cable ends are terminated by providing:

- Stress control screens;

- The earthing clamp lead, etc.;

- Insulation;

- Lugs; and

- Rain sheds.

Although making joints and terminations, it is necessary to know the size and kinds of the cable in order to select appropriate kits for joints and terminations. The kits hold the accessories required along with instruction sheets for step-by-step procedure for making joints and terminations. The cable and end terminations should be prepared as per the dimensional drawing and procedure provided in the instruction sheet.

Types of Joints and Terminations
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