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Preliminary Energy Audit

This is the easiest and quickest type of audit. It focuses on evaluating the energy usage pattern and produced baseline data on the operational practices in vogue. It is an associatively quick exercise to:

1. Establish energy consumption in the organization;

2. Estimate the scope for energy savings;

3. Identify the most likely (and the easiest) areas for attention;

4. identify immediate (especially no-/low-cost) improvements/ savings;

5. Set a "reference point"; and

6. Identify areas for more detailed study/measurement.

Preliminary energy audit uses existing or simply acquirable data. It usually includes a one day site visit to collect a whole facility profile and information on main energy using systems and equipment. It involves minimal interviews along with site operating personnel, a brief review of facility bills and other data. A walk-through of the facility is also completed to become familiar along with the operation and to identify any glaring areas of inefficiency.

Classically, only main problem areas are uncovered during this kind of audit. Corrective measures are briefly elaborates, and quick estimates of implementation cost, potential savings, and easy payback periods are given. This level of detail is adequate to prioritize energy efficiency projects and determine the required for a more detailed audit. Recommendations resulting from a preliminary audit involve low to no-cost actions which could provide immediate energy use and/or operating savings.

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