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Back Plate for Turning Fixture

It consists of workpiece locating and clamping elements. These fixtures are commonly used for facing turning and boring operation. The workpiece should be located correctly along with respect to rotating machine spindle for all these operations.

                        2311_Back Plate for Turning Fixture.png


                                  Figure: Back Plate for Turning Fixture

Example 1

For boring and turning, the axis of the bore or the outside diameter to be machined must be aligned with the machine spindle axis. Most of machines are given with back plate that is permanently mounted on the machine spindle. The back plate for turning fixture is shown in Figure. This plate is used to locate and clamp turning fixtures. Commonly, outside diameter of the back plate is super finished. It is used for locating spigot for aligning axis of rotation of fixtures with machine spindle. Back plate is given with three or more equispaced holes for clamping turning fixtures. Turning fixtures provide quick loading, locating & clamping of workpieces in mass production.

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