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Design of Sheet Metal, Blanking And Piercing Tools

Sheet metal working may be described as a chip-less manufacturing procedure through that various components are made from sheet metal. The thickness of sheet is commonly less than 20 mm. The machine used for sheet metal working is called press. The major features of a press are: A frame that supports the ram or slide, a bed, a source of mechanism for operating the ram in line along with and normal to the bed. The ram is equipped with appropriate punch & die block is attached to the bed. The sheet metal working elements are produced by downward motion of punch and towards the die block. The punch and die block assembly is known as die set. These operations are generally done at room temperature.


After studying design of sheet metal, blanking & piercing tools, you should be able to

  • Identifying several press working tools,
  • Know several piercing and blanking operation, and
  • Know the principle of sheet metal working.


Press Working Tools Principle of Sheet Metal Working and Piercing Tools
Summary Types of Die
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