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Nomenclature of Operations

Before stepping in the operational characteristics we briefly explain the nomenclature such is to be like it is more easy and lucid to know after a minute bit of practice. We will suggest to follows this scheme instead of common scheme of writing integer subscripts to indicate the operations even while both of them are technically correct. We employ the following nomenclature for our Petri net models in Flexible Manufacturing Systems:

We indicate:

'i' like job type,

'j' like process,

'k' like machine.

Hence combining these three we acquire complete notation of an operation like:

Oi, j, k presents the jth process of ith job type being represented on machine k. A job can be carried out by some sequence of operations even while the generic sequence of process keeps the same. These sequences of operations form a significant part to the flexibility of a Flexible Manufacturing Systems. While we talk about flexibility we mean the capability of the system to generate multiple types of products and share the resources.

Hence we have stated different components of the Flexible Manufacturing Systems and have explained the criteria for association of time along with places and transitions. We are here in a position to undertake an illustration in order to highlight the different aspects of the modelling power of a Petri net while applied to the different.

We have talked about sufficient concepts needed for a manufacturing system's modelling employing Petri nets. We take up an illustration to discuss these aspects.

Illustration .1

Take a three machine system M1, M2, M3 along with a robot R and four types of jobs as J1, J2, J3, J4 to be carried out. Table no.1 presents the necessity for each job to be carried out.

                                                                Table no.1: Processes and Jobs Requirement












M1 R/M2 R



M2 R



M2 R/M3




M1 R/M2



M1 R/M2 R


We seem the Job J1 first. The first process is carried out along with either J1 with R or J2 along with R in conjunction. Likewise the second process can be carried out along with merely machine M3 without employing the robot R. This should be obvious that the process 2 cannot begin unless process 1 has ended. Hence, the table automatically presents the technological precedence constraints between the processes. Though, no precedence constraints are considered inside the various job types. For illustration, second process of J2 can be carried out before first process of J1. We notice also the job J3 has simply two processes to be finished. We provide the Petri net model of J1 along with an initial marking as shown in following figure.

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