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Special Cases and Cautions in Measurements

Here, we discuss special cases which might arise in the Sub-transmission and Distribution systems.

Case of Feeders Crossing Boundaries

In the Sub-Transmission and Distribution systems in a responsibility area, some feeders might cross the boundaries and feed the loads (either in part or in full) of other areas also. Such inter-area exchanges should be prevented at 11 kV level through network reconfiguration and administrative/jurisdictional adjustments.

In cases where such network restructuring is not feasible or economical, additional energy meters could be placed at appropriate locations. Or else, relevant data on energy transfers/billed consumption could be exchanged among the units to prevent complication of accounting.

The network within the unit at Division/Sub-Division/feeder level might also be reconfigured so as to minimize the Inter-Division/Sub-Division/feeder exchange of energy so which there is no dilution of responsibility in actual practice.

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