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Overcoming the Problems in Energy Accounting

Lack of meters, inadequate workforce, and insufficient numbers of computers are a few of the issues that required to be dealt with through the utility management in order to implement energy accounting. Further, there is the problem of corruption and inefficiency of the workforce of the utility that is largely responsible for insufficient revenue realization. The technical problem of time parallax in data collection also requires to be addressed.


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                                           Figure: Some Problems in Energy Accounting

In Table, we provide some suggestions for taking care of these problems. Obviously, it is for the management of the power utilities to take action along these lines for effectual implementation of the energy accounting procedure.

                      Table: Role of the Management in Overcoming the Problems in Energy Accounting






Lack of meters


Present to the company the business case (economic study) that the company will lose less money when meters are installed.  Acknowledge that collections will not be 100%.  Even with less than 100% collections, the business case is probably positive.


Lack of workforce


Make the business case for more staff.


Lack of computers


This business case is easy, since the cost of computers is low, especially when compared to the lost revenue.


Employees take bribes or extort money from customers


Pay them a compensation package (salary, bonus incentives, retirement, medical plans, education support, etc.).


Then discipline them. Discharge those that are found and proven to be corrupt; adhere to the company's disciplinary procedures.


Then, prosecute the special cases under the Civil

Laws and if needed under the Criminal Laws.


Time parallax in data collection.


Read all the meters on one feeder at the same time, on the same day.  Create meter reading routes that are based on feeders and not on geography.


Use the load survey data recording function in the meter on the DT to time slice the energy flow into the feeder to coincide with the day of the route meter reading.

We now acquaint you along with certain technological needs and advances in the energy accounting procedure which should be adopted through utilities to decrease their losses.

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