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Power to Accomplish the Process and Operate the System

An automated system is utilized to operate various processes, and power is needed to drive the process and the controls also. The principle origin of power in automated system is electricity.

The relationship amongst these elements is demonstrated in following figure.

                                     622_Power to Accomplish the Process and Operate the System.png


                                                   Figure: Elements of an Automated System

Each system that qualifies as being automated comprises these three basic elements in one form or another.

Three directions have pointed the manner toward automation.

(a) In manufacturing industries automatic flow-type production.

(b) Automatic control of continuous production.

(c) Raise in business efficiency via computers.

These tendencies produced the given three types of automation.

(a) Mechanical automation.

(b) Process automation.

(c) Business automation.

Process and Mechanical automation are concerned along with direct production process that converts raw materials in products that is, the 'flow of material'. Conversely, business automation is concerned along with control/management of productive activities that is, the 'flow of information'.

The word 'automation' is attached to alternatively also, as like: design automation for speedy automatic drawing and design of parts and products; laboratory automation for automatic analysis, measurement and collection of test data; and store automation for sales management via computer using POS or point of sale techniques.

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