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System Architecture - Issues In Manufacturing Design

Issues In Manufacturing Design

Generally, manufacturing systems must be maintained as easy as possible. The major attribute of systems theory in the region of manufacturing systems implementation and analysis is thus simplicity. It is kept by dividing the system like a entire into sub-systems; via clearly identifying the input, output and process elements of all sub-system; via determining the proper controls for monitoring accomplish against predetermined standards; and via formulating and initiating the essential corrective action.

The system division into sub-systems throughout a design or analysis process breaks up the complexity inherent into manufacturing systems in controllable units that can be managed with a coordinated approach. Though, the reasons of such an approach is not to generate a collection of separate departments, however a system whether the effective interaction and flows of money, equipment, personnel, materials, information, and so on, guarantee an effective and more smoother overall operation in support of related business goals. An approach is essential due to the following problems that are generally faced with modern manufacturing industries.


The Drama Decision Process Model The Need for Accurate Initial Specifications
The Need for Faster New-Product-To-Market Cycles The Need for Frequent Restructuring
The Need for More Regular Operations Decisions The SADT Methodology

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